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Rotating bombing platform

uploaded by anonymous 5 months ago

A flying drone with a lot of bombs, mean to be released all at once.

This machine works well for levels that require clearing a lot of units, but do not let archers hit you , the bombs are not protected.


Up/ down arrows : increase/decrease speed of the 4 main rotors (the machine is balanced such that with no input and bombs loaded, it barely moves, though changing its angles is not advisable if you do not increase speed)

numPad9 / numPad 7 : rotate the machine clockwise/anticlockwise around its vertical axis

numpad 8/5/4/6 : tilt the machine forward/backward/left/right (the forward side is the one with both plates on top parallel but not on the same line)

v : release the bombs (a little rotation is better if you are aiming for a large area
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