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Reloading catapult - can beat every level

uploaded by CreeperlordGaming 2 months ago

Controls are too complicated to explain here. The most basic ones are arrow keys to move, J, K and L for shooting (at different power settings), G to return catapult arm to reloading position, H to reload (first time you reload press V for a second or so.).

Equipped with 2 cranes, an armed balloon (for beating Scouts of Tolbrynd), a winch, cannons and shrapnel cannons, crossbows (fixed and turret mounts), flamethrowers, a "mine" laying device, water and steam cannons etc.

This vehicle is based off a catapult made by someone else (can't remember the name. If you are that person, notify me in the comments.), however most of the systems on it are mine.
posted by Abejitzzzz 2 months ago