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the ladybug

uploaded by M00NENG1N1EER 2 months ago

a four legged walker equiped with male artificial inteligence,2 mega cannons and other cool stuff...Controls:[left &right arrow keys to walk],[c] to shoot the cannons,[z,x] to turn (it needs walking to turn),[g,h]to leanes,[t] for the missles and [f] for the pilot camera. that´s it hope you enjoy.
posted by M00NENG1N1EER 2 months ago
plz like and comment
posted by hegel2 2 months ago
if the "male artificial intelegence" was real that would be cooler ( i hope they make a mod for that) anyways COOL, btw to not take up some extra space with the wheels use the steering things not the hinges(if u have the no bounds mod or the TGYD mod)
posted by M00NENG1N1EER 2 months ago
i made this walker with my ´´mega cannon`` design