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uploaded by IVADMA 2 months ago

Second submarine model of the LUFIRE Class ( basically one of my very first submarine )
Equiping weapons on it wasn't simple since any weight exedent on any side would make the submarine flinch
It's made with latest besiege version and " Water mod " , with the current version it's working perfectly.

Submarine equipped with :
-2 powerfull anti-ship/anti-air vertical rockets ( use numpad 7 and 8 to launch )
-1 powerfull guided torpedo ( T to lauch , IJKL to guide )

CONTROLS : Arrow keys to go up down left and right AND "-" , "+" to go up and down vertically using balast like system
( Globally it really feels like a real submarine )

posted by IVADMA 2 months ago
I'm now planning to build a whole fleet : Dreadnouhgts , fast cruisers with surface torpedo / deep charges , mine layers , aircraft carrier with 'vertical taking-off' planes , etc

At least that's what i hope i will do if i have the time and if i'm not too lazy