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Suzuki Jimny 2019

uploaded by FrancisIbay 2 months ago

Hey guys!
This is my creation, it is not in line on what i suppose to make but in my curiosity I just made it.

Specifications and other info:
Rear locker
Good approach, Departure and Breakover angle
can do almost any offroad like my other creations
the only thing or issue is that because it has a short wheelbase, it can't climb as stiff as the angle of its terrain
4 suspension each front and back, but it is not that heavy
it almost act like a real jimny
you can modify the way you want but making the wheel bigger may not be possible because the way the objects i use is to make the jimny as compact or else it will be the same size as my wrangler
Wheel explanation can be found on my Jeep wrangler and Mercedes G wagon creation info

up,down,left,right - yeah normal buttons
for activating the 4wd " . " period button

for my delayed creations, i will try my best as soon as possible to finish it all, so i make this jimny first.
i run it in 40%
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