How do I use a .bsg file?

A.P.C T8 V0.75

uploaded by ADBOS 3 weeks ago

by ADBOS made in v0.45
move forward K
move backward I
turn right K+L
turn left K+J

turn right B
turn left C
aim up F
aim down V
shot X

gun info
power 8 x
reloading time 0.50 sec
posted by ADBOSm 3 weeks ago
its done
i changed the name to
posted by ADBOSm 3 weeks ago
all what i need to do is just make a video about it
and then ill upload it
posted by ADBOSm 3 weeks ago
it has a 2nd front turret armor plate
and it looks very cool
posted by ADBOSm 2 weeks ago
ive uploaded a video to my channel on youtube
its not about this apc its about war thunder