How do I use a .bsg file?


uploaded by Kurtzwagen35 2 months ago

German super-heavy tank developed during WWII. A truly magnificent design by the Germans and a joy to play :)
Thanks to the developer of the "ZZ-heavy-tank", I have improved the chassis and all-around armour protection. The turret is also heavily armoured.


H,G,F for movement controls

Up, down, left, right arrows for turret control

Period (.), comma (,) for machine guns
posted by ADBOst 2 months ago
well it has no cupula so the turret and the sides of the tank looks more like the swedish tank leo turret and sides

posted by ADBOst 2 months ago
you need the tank designe to make it look more realistic
posted by ADBOst 2 months ago
heres the vk 100 01 p blueprint
posted by Kurtzwagen35 2 months ago
Aye, the VK100.01P has side skirts and a more 'round' looking turret. You could take this as a modification of the VK28.01P mixed with the Tiger II. I just got lazy and decided not to add side skirts. As for Leo like turret, *sigh* I tried. Anyways thanks for the criticism.
posted by Kurtzwagen35 2 months ago
ps: are you an "ADBOS" sub account?
posted by ADBOst 2 months ago
its on my phone
posted by ADBOst 2 months ago
im working on a panther asuf A right now
would you like to help me
posted by Kurtzwagen35 2 months ago
I would love to, but I have #school on my buttocks right at the moment -.- I left like a 5 month gap between my last creation and this one
posted by Blitsplatapus 2 months ago
@Kurtzwagen35 Hi Kurtz, I have some a little bit of critic on this tank, the track wheels are too tin and it can't do hard turns, the turret wasn't strong enough to handle the recoil of the gun, and the turret itself was heavy due to the multi-layer armor, The reasons why I gave this critic because I want this to be on the next "Besiege Hangout" Series which I featured creations of different besiege builders, I hope this one to be nimble and easy to use and also stable too. and that's I could only say but it's still a beautiful build only need to do is an improvement.
posted by Kurtzwagen35 1 month ago
Thanks for the criticism Blits, I do recognize the flaws on this tank but I have no idea on how to fix that, I may have to leave that to ADBOS or you to fix it! I am currently working on a model of a Type 5 Heavy (Japanese Superheavy tank), and when that finishes, I'll rework this tank