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High mobility vehicle with RTC & good suspension

uploaded by sazabi2001 2 months ago

Based on my previous double-wish-bone design with some improvement and correction, overall improvement includes:

1, Corrected the suspension design, now has long-short arm wish-bones that can compensate the camber correctly in most condition.

2, Improve steering, including new RTC steering that works as the trailing arm which improves the strength of the suspension system. New turning design to correct the pivoting point, steering (king-pin) incline angle, and a closer pivot-angle radius.

3, Release some degree-of-freedom restricted by the suspension and steering geometry, and the suspension includes anti-squat design in acceleration.

4, Overall very controllable and very agile vehicle, can do doughnut / drifting very easily in a controllable way. Also, it is relatively fast and with very responsive steering.

Still not able to bring the pivoting point to the center of the wheel without increasing the center-of-gravity.
Steering mechanism still kind-of weak, will not survive heavy impact (like hitting a rock)
Has anti-squat but no anti-dive yet, the front suspension is too complex to includes that at the moment.
Centre-of-gravity is unnecessarily high, would bring it down in next design.
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