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Vanilla twin engine turbo-fan Airliner

uploaded by sazabi2001 2 months ago

Full Vanilla twin-engine airliner based on my previous turbine design. Correct some issue and it has high-powerand low-power mode now.

If you're interested, I have also built the single-engine version:

2 X (turbo-fan type) turbine engine with 2+2 rotors each, high-power for takeoff and climbing, low-power for cruising.
3-ways RTC control + flaps, fly characteristic similar to a typical airliner.
Retractable landing gears arranged as a typical airliner, with the low power mode it is now quite easy to land safely.
Also reinforced the main landing gear, on the ground with low-power mode, you can taxi it all day long.

Under-wing engines with high thrust, it has a tendency of pitching up in high-power mode just like a typical airliner (well, 737-Max in particular), when attack angle is too high it would be difficult to control.
Also, the plane is a bit difficult to control with high angle of attack, so keep it level as fly it smoothly.
Roll efficiency is low, especially with some attack angle. This is partially because of the location of the aileron (in the mid-section), and also the size of the wing. Rolling would also drop attitude and affect the pitch significantly.
Pitch Control locked-up when diving / too fast. This is typical as the elevators are too far away from the center-of-gravity and the RTC is a bit weak.
Standard maps are too small for this aircraft, will hit the wall or frozen zone very quickly. Also, it is very hard to land and require a large space to do so.
Like most turbine designs it generates a significant amount of vibration.

Arrows for pitch and roll
Press'1' (only use 1 rotor per propeller, in toggle mode) engages the low-power mode for normal flying,
When the '1' mode is on, press '2' for high-power mode to engage the second stage rotor (also in toggle mode).
Push 3 for reverse (only in full power).
Flaps extend with 'F' and retract with 'R', note that the camera button is now 'C'. It is suggented to takeoff with high-power + flaps extended, normal fly with low-power and flap extended, and high-speed fly with high-power and flap retracted.
'G' for gears up, 'T' for gears down (landing gear would turn as well)

Typical takeoff - landing procedure:
1) 'F' for flaps extend
2) '1' for low-power, you can also use arrows to taxi wherever you want.
3) '2' for high-power when it's ready, will take-off in 1-2 seconds.
4) 'G' retract the landing gear.
5) '2' again to turn-off the high-power mode, now you can fly in low speed.
6) 'R' to retract the flaps, note that when doing so it in low speed would result difficult in control.
7) '2' again for high-power mode, now you can fly in high speed.
8) '2' to turn-off high-power and 'F' to extend flaps.
9) 'T' to extend landing gears.
10) When landed, '1' to turn-off engine.

Have fun.
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