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Vanilla ultra-high-speed aircraft

uploaded by sazabi2001 2 months ago

Full Vanilla ultra-high-speed aircraft design based on my previous version, improved from 3+3 rotor to 4+4 rotor to increase speed. I think this is the maximum performance can be squeezed out from this type of propulsion. (5+5 rotor would suffer from serious vibration).

Keep the original Elevon control design, 2-way RTC control (pitch and roll) with 2 motions on the same sets of airfoils.
Power-mode has changed, now the low-power mode is much slower and easier to take-off and landing. Also separates the power selection and turbine blade pitch angle control, now you can slowly change the pitch angle.

Arrows for pitch and roll
Press'1' (only use 1 rotor per propeller, in toggle mode) engages the low-power mode for normal flying,
When the '1' mode is on, press '2' for high-power mode to engage the second stage rotor (also in toggle mode).
Push '3' for reverse (only in full power).
'<' to increase blade pitch angle, '>' to decrease pitch angle (suggested fly with max-pitch angle =40 degree)
'G' for gears up, 'T' for gears down (landing gear would turn as well)

Typical takeoff - landing procedure:
1) hold '<' for a few seconds until the blade fully extend (max pitch angle).
2) '1' for low-power, can take-off easily.
3) 'G' retract the landing gear.
4) '2' for high-power mode.
5) Can use '>' to decrease the blade pitch angle. In high-power mode, reduce pitch would increase speed, but down to a certain value (around 8-12 degree) the turbine blade would stall and lose power. Also, reduce the blade pitch would worsen the control.
6) If for landing, hold '<' to fully extend the turbine blade.
7) '2' again to disable high-power mode.
8) 'T' to extend landing gears.
9) When landed, '1' to turn-off engine.

Have fun.
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