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Harrier GR-1 jump-jet with improved VTOL mode

uploaded by sazabi2001 2 months ago

Full Vanilla VTOL aircraft that actually works, no lift fan no ballon no cheating, take-off like a real plane. Now with controllable VTOL mode that can change direction.

I have been working on a 'true' VTOL aircraft for a while, this is the first success. I have tried lift engines (Yak-141 solution) but since the torque from the front & rear engine would interfere with each other, so that doesn't work. It has to use the British Harrier solution that only one engine but multiple outputs to lift the aircraft, in this way the torque interference would be minimal.

Unlike the real Harrier with vector nozzles, in this design it tilts propeller blade to and CV joints to change thrust direction.
The aircraft has a relatively slow but stable flight characteristic, it can take-off/land like a normal aircraft. It can also vertical take-off/land using VTOL mode, which would be a bit tricky to handle, but still possible. It can't hover; in fact, it can only do very-short-distant takeoff. Well, it is as close as you can get. This is due to the limitation of the CV joint that can only hold power up-to 60 degree-ish (even in 60-degree it generates a lot of vibration), so the current method cannot actually fly completely vertical.

Arrows for pitch and roll, 'PageUp' and 'PageDown' for rudder / yaw, now yaw direction is controllable (very slow) in VTOL mode as well.
Press'1' for stage-1 power (only for VTOL landing / takeoff preparation) ; when stage-1 engaged can press '2' for normal power ( normal flight / VTOL takeoff); and when stage-2 is engaged, press '3' for stage 3 (normal takeoff / high speed flight)
Push '4' for reverse (only in full power).
'I' for thrust tilt-up, and 'O' for thrust tilt-down.
'G' for gears up, 'T' for gears down (landing gear would turn as well).

Typical VTOL takeoff - landing procedure:
1) Press 'I' to tilt the propeller up to maximum.
2) Press '1' to for low power-mode, now the aircraft is vibrating but not enough power to takeoff.
3) Press '2' for normal power, now the aircraft would slowly leave the ground. Note that now the yaw / direction can steer in VTOL mode but very slowly using 'PGUP' and 'PGDW', combined with the 'I' and 'O' to change thrust tilting, it can slowly move to location.
4) When the aircraft leaves the ground in a reasonable height (>2 body height), press 'O' to tilt-down the thrust. now the control respond comes back and it should be very controllable. Also remember to retract the landing gear with 'G'.
5) When flying normally, you can press '3' for high-power mode. It is reasonably fast, but still slower than most of my aircraft.
6) To prepare to land, fly as level as possible, also a bit lower should be helpful. Press 'T' to extend the landing gears.
7) Approach the landing location with '2' stage power, tilt the thrust up with 'I'. Notice this would reduce the controllability.
8) When the aircraft changes it fly respond, it usually tilt-up its head. Press '2' again to disengage the stage-2 power. With only stage-1 power it should be going down gently.
9) When touching the ground, press '1' again to completely shut-down the power.

This VTOL jump-set takes me a lot of time to 'develop'. It is also quick tricky to balance and adjusts the propulsion system to release the stress of the CV joint and make the most out of it. I can't really make it looks like the rear Harrier jump-jet, since it has to be lightweight and minimum block. But still, it is very fun to make it works and fly it.
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