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Ultra-High-speed experimental rocket plane

uploaded by sazabi2001 1 month ago

Based on the pervious design, reduced from 73 to 69 blocks to increase speed. Reinforced main-wing and corrected some issues such as disintegrate when pull-up from a steep dive. Also change to canard design, which has better weight balance and more suitable for high-speed with better / smoother control response.

Simple design with 9 rotors and 10 + 10 fixed pitch blades, currently my fastest airplane, from takeoff to frozen-zone takes less than 15 second

Reduce lift and control sensitivity, 2 way RCT (roll and pitch), not very agile but stable for high-speed. Similar to X15 handling.

Controls are simple:

Arrows for direction (roll and pitch)
'1' for power forward (toggle mode), '3' for reverse power (may damage the aircraft)
'G' to retract the landing gear, 'T' to extend.
Will need some extra space to take-off, and hit the wall very quickly.
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