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Full vanilla tandem rotor (CH-47 style) helicopter

uploaded by sazabi2001 1 week ago

Updated version based on previous design, reduce from 100 to 90 blocks, to save weight and increase aerodynamic performance. Control mechanism has been revised too, now only one set of control blocks, less interference and better weight-balance. The yaw motion changed from troque type to aero-type (2 rotors tilt in counter direction), now all controls are done by aero. The aircraft is now more stable and controllable, better controlling response too, kind of acceptable flight characteristic.

Control (slightly changes):
'1' for power, toggle mode. '3' for reverse power.
Arrows for pitch and roll, 'page_up' and 'page_down' for yaw (left turn / right turn)
']' to pitch up and '[' to pitch down the blades (do not suggest to use)
'P' to boost power (climb) and 'O' to drop power (fall), they in 'hold' mode so one release these key the aircraft returns to normal power output (hovering). I feel like this would be better and easier.
'F' for camera.

Characteristic and issues:
Due to the fact that it's fully aerodynamic control, the control response is still a bit slow / laggy, especially on yaw control, unlike the gyroscope design to have instant response. But this time I consider it acceptable, have fun.
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