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Experimental Vanilla Thrust Vector Aircraft

uploaded by sazabi2001 1 week ago

Fully thrust-vectoring aircraft using CV joints and traditional propulsion system. Not a perfect flyer, the thrust-vectoring system gives a very strange fly characteristic. It turns / rolls in an unnatural way, lose air-speed quickly and tends to stall, but able to change direction sharply. The propulsion system (turbine blades) is a bit weak, combines with the vibration of CV joints and over-reacting controlling makes the aircraft tend to fall apart in the mid-air. So it is suggested to use invincible mode, or otherwise fly it with care and smooth handling.

Controls are simple:
Arrows for direction (roll and pitch)
'1' for power forward (toggle mode), '3' for reverse power (may damage the aircraft)
'G' to retract the landing gear, 'T' to extend.

Note: When take-off, pull the aircraft smoothly. If the turbine blades touch the ground they'll break-off. It is a relatively fast aircraft, 78 blocks with 3+3 rotors and 9+9 blades. Have fun.
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