How do I use a .bsg file?


uploaded by WarNoob 1 week ago

Rocket: 1-0, All numpad key ( except /, Num Lock )
Main Gun: C
AntiRocketSystem (ARS): Z
Machine Gun: X
Tank Move: Arrow Key
Turret move: T (up), G (down), F (Left), H (Right)
Rocket move: T (up), G (down), F (Left), H (Right)
Machine Gun Cam: Q
Main Gun Cam: E ( 2 cam )
Self Destruct: End Key
Machine Gun Move: I (up), K (down), J (Left), L (Right)
25x Main Gun
70 Shot rocket
9x 600 rate of fire Machine gun
803 block
ARS On Left, Right, Front Side
Make in 3 days by WAR_Noob

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