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Vanilla Flying-Wing with split-flap rudder

uploaded by sazabi2001 1 month ago

Experimental vanilla flying-wing aircraft that uses actual flying wing design, split-flap rudder for yaw control (also servers as pitch control) and only minimum vertical stabilizer is used.

The aircraft has about 90 blocks in total with typical 3-way RTC control with reasonable response, a bit slow on roll and over-reacting on pitch, but generally speaking flying slow and stable.

Controls are simple:
Arrows for direction (roll and pitch), '[' and ']' for yaw control (turn left / turn right)
'1' for power forward (toggle mode), '3' for reverse power (may damage the aircraft)
'G' to retract the landing gear, 'T' to extend.

It is my first attempt to build the split-flap with minimum block and RTC, the flap assembly is fairly compact and takes only 10 blocks each side. It is interesting to find out that the split-flap in Besiege works then the opposite way compared to the real world, in this game extends the flap would increase speed rather than decrease it. But still, it works, the flight characteristic turns out better than expected.

Update: rebalanced the pitch.

Have fun
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