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Porsche Stype Torsion-bar suspension sports-car

uploaded by sazabi2001 1 month ago

Experimental torsion-bar setup for alternative Besiege suspension block. Use wooden pole, hinge and brace to extend the effective length of a torsional element, seems able to get the spring rate right. The sliding blocks in the suspension has not shock-absorbing effect and only server as guiding.

The suspension geometry is generally Porsche style, with Macpherson struts in the front and semi-trailing-arms in the rear similar to 924/944 and 911 from 70s to 80s. Note that only Air-cooled 911s are 4-wheel torsion bar, 924s & 944s are front coil-spring rear torsion bar setup.

Drawbacks compare to spring suspension block:
1, Wooden pole is weak and easy to break.
2, Overall complexity is much greater than spring block, which in real-world torsion bar is simpler.
3, Seems to be less damping effect than spring block, the car is a bit springing in general.

Have fun
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