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6X6 Wheeled Tank Destroyer

uploaded by sazabi2001 1 month ago

Based on my 6X6 climbing platform, with a 15X AT-gun turret. Increased weight from about 115 blocks to almost 200 blocks now, but the base vehicle doesn't really design to handle this weight, so its mobility suffers. It can still climb, about 50-55 degree slop depends on luck; the steering has been reinforced, but still not quite able to handle this weigh and lost response under heavy stress. Generally speaking, it has about 60-70% mobility compares to the base vehicle, which is still acceptable.

The gun is a bit too powerful for it too, need to fully 'cold-down' before next fire otherwise falls apart. It does have something like 40-50 degree gun depression (only to the front) which might be useful once it got to the higher ground.

I rarely build anything that fires something, so this is officially my first fighting vehicle.

Arrows for basic locomotion
'I' 'K' 'J' 'L' for gun control, note that the turret is only designed for high depression.
'F' for camera (gun-sight) and 'C' for firing.

Gun borrowed from:
Base vehicle here:
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