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9X9 variable-pitch jet engine assembly

uploaded by sazabi2001 1 month ago

A variable-blade-pitch with 9 rotors, and 9+9 blades, it is my highest-output engine at the moment. In fact, I'm yet to build an aircraft that can hold this power without breaking or losing control. The engine is mostly self-balanced wit counter-rotated blades, but may still have a little bit of torque and quite significant vibration. The engine takes about 49 blocks, not quite small and it needs all 4 hard-points to be used in order to hold its power.

High vibration, well still in the 'acceptable' regime and recommended to reinforce the aircraft.
The blade pitch angle is a bit on the low side, so it may stall if the airplane is over 150 blocks.

'1' for standard power, when '1' is on, '2' for high power, 3 for revise power (may damage the blades).
'<' and '>' for blade pitch.

Note: blocks with green pin can be used as hard points.
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