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RTC double-wishbone compact assembly

uploaded by sazabi2001 1 month ago

This is a double-wishbone front suspension completed with RTC steering, 2 ball-joints each-side and separated lower control arms (one is steering arm). It is similar to the front suspension of typical BMW 5 series.

The suspension has correct pivoting point / pivoting angle as a double-wishbone suspension, about right active camber-gain with long-short arm configuration(about 10-degree for the full compression range). As in the real world, this type of suspension should have less restriction on motion than any other type, so bump steering and other issues with strut type or non-independent suspension should be minimum in this setup. The turn angle is still a bit restricted but good enough for normal driving.

The assembly is very compact for its type, which double wishbone would normally take up a lot of space. It is about 8 blocks wide, 4 blocks high and 3.5 block deep with the wheels and spring attached. The suspension is specifically placed between the control-arms, both for an authentic appearance and the correct motion of compression.

Not the strongest type of suspension, with 2 ball-joint and 1 swivel joint on each side, should be used for vehicle less than 150 blocks.
May not survive on impact.
Fairly complex geometry of 38 blocks in total.

Note: blocks with green pin can be used as hard points.
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