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RTC MacPherson strut suspension / hinge type

uploaded by sazabi2001 1 month ago

Specifically designed for high load / high impact application such as rock crawler or truck, it does not use any weak joints such as ball-joint and swivel joint in the stressed section and only to use hinges for strength. Since hinge has only 1 degree of freedom of motion, this RTC steering of the suspension suffers and has a poorer turn-angle.

It is also designed in the way that the steering pistons only push the strut-spring rather than the wheel hub block in case of impact would damage the steering mechanism.

May still locked-up under high stress, but should have reasonable resistance to load and impact, and should still turn when climbing.
Size is a bit large, takes about 9 blocks in width.
Pivoting angle is less-than-ideal, the wheel-to-ground pivoting point is not as good as the ball-joint type too.
The turn-angle isn't great, so recommended to on 4 wheel steering systems. (6X6 or 8x8)
May have negative camber like a real MacPherson strut design.

Note: blocks with green pin can be used as hard points.
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