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RTC MacPherson strut suspension / ball joint type

uploaded by sazabi2001 3 weeks ago

MacPherson strut suspension with 2 ball-joints each-side and separated lower control arms (one is steering arm). It is similar to the front suspension of typical BMW 3 series, with the steering arm pushing the wheel hub assembly. This is one of the most minimum block independent suspension with RTC steering functionality, takes only about 28 blocks.

The king-ping angle is about right, the contact pattern should be right, the wheel-to-ground pivoting point is almost in the wheel center, with the correct camber motion like the real MacPherson strut suspension. It is designed in this way that only takes the outside area so the middle section is empty to install other items. The size of the whole assembly is reasonably small, about 8 blocks wide, 4 blocks height and 3.5 blocks deep.

It is also designed in a way to have a similar appearance of real-world MacPherson strut suspension assembly, suitable for sports-car design about 80-100 blocks.

Generally speaking, ball-joint of strut suspension is weaker and a bit lose, but it has less restriction on motions
May subject to bump steering, steering may lock-up under high stress.
May not suitable for high-load or high impact application, such as rock crawlers.
May have negative camber like a real MacPherson strut design.

Note: blocks with green pin can be used as hard points.
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