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RTC 3-way split-rudder + ailerons + elevator

uploaded by sazabi2001 3 weeks ago

Completed 3 ways RTC control mechanism with rudder + ailerons + elevator sharing the same split-flap, with only 35 blocks in total and specifically designed for flying-wing aircraft. All motions are independent and would not interfere with each other. The package is reasonably compact, about 5X5X3 blocks size without the flap.

Note that this is a relative heavy assembly with most weight concentrated in one place, and would make balancing the aircraft difficult. It is not ideal to use as-it-is, but more of an example that all these motions / controls can combine together and share the same control surface to save weight / complexity.

Primarily use Swivel joints (4 each side) so it would be quite a weak structure.
Weight concentration
Asymmetry design, roll-rate may vary on 2 sides.
Can only use near fuselage center-line, the further away from center-line, the more stress it would suffer.
Only 1 block for hard-point.
posted by sazabi2001 3 weeks ago
Controls: Arrows for roll / pitch, '[' ']' for yaw.