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Mig-23 ver.2 with variable wing / engine pitch

uploaded by sazabi2001 3 weeks ago

An updated version to my original Vanilla Mig-23 build. Dropped from about 125 down to 111 blocks, increased body stiffness and reduced some complexity. The engine size increase from 8 rotors to 9, changed to self-balanced design, increase length a little bit but greatly reduces vibration. Engine blade pitch angle has been refined a little bit so it runs more 'efficient' now, combined with the added power and lost weight, the aircraft is about / more than double the speed of original design. The variable wing geometry rotation range decreased a little bit, but the main-wing mechanism is much lighter and simpler now.

Characteristic & Drawbacks:
The improved performance means that it does not need the 'flap' to take off any more.
9 rotors configuration is currently the maximum I have tested in Vanilla mode, even though it can sustainably run with max power and blade pitch, it is still highly stressed and would disintegrate from time to time.
Since it has low-speed mode, it is not 'reduced sensitivity' design like my other high-speed aircraft build, meaning that it retains its full control sensitivity even in maxed power / speed. It would be a bit over-reacting in high-speed + high-power mode.
I do not have the speedometer mod, but this aircraft may exceed M1 speed in high-speed + high-power mode.
As usual, it is not suggested to use high-power + low-speed mode, the vibration of the engine would damage the aircraft. But since the design has been improved, it may suvived a few more second before falling apart.

Arrows for pitch and roll, '[' and ']' for rudder / yaw.
Press'1' (only use 1 rotor per propeller, in toggle mode) engages the low-power mode for normal flying,
When the '1' mode is on, press '2' for high-power mode to engage the second stage rotor (also in toggle mode).
Push '3' for reverse (only in full power, may damage the aircraft).
'>' to decrease wing-sweep angle (low-speed mode), '<' to increase the wing-sweep angle (high-speed mode)
'G' for gears up, 'T' for gears down (landing gear works as counter-weight).

Typical takeoff - landing procedure:
1) hold '<' for a few seconds until the wing and turbine blade fully extend (low-speed mode).
2) '1' for low-power, can take-off easily.
3) 'G' retract the landing gear, note that landing gear work as counter-weight, so retract them improve stability.
4) when reached a safe attitude, you can press '<' to slowly increase the wing-sweep (also reduces the turbine blade pitch). Now you're in high-speed mode. Like a real Mig-23, increase the sweep angle would have different control characteristic (usually roll quicker / pitch slower) and nose-down a little bit.
5) when the aircraft stabilized in the high-speed mode, you can press '2' for high-power mode just like firing the afterburner. Note that in high-speed + high-power mode, the engine is highly stressed so turn gradually in case of disintegrating in mid-air.
6) don't know how to land.

Corrected some small issues, the engine is now more stable, further reduced to 111 blocks.

Have fun
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