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RTC swing axle suspension

uploaded by sazabi2001 3 weeks ago

Swing axle suspension with RTC control. It is very similar to MacPherson strut type suspension, just added 2 more blocks (swivel or ball joints) to the strut and it'll be swing axle.

The difference between swing axle and strut is just the camber gain, with strut type the wheel motion mostly follows the strut (the spring block in Besiege), hence the name, with very limited camber motion restricted by the strut as well. In contrast, swing axle has no restriction to camber change (100% camber gain), the wheel follows the swing- arm and freely allows negative camber, which may not be suitable for high-speed maneuvering (negative camber will cause the wheel to lose contact to the ground). Also for the same reason, no camber restriction means it has the maximum range in all type of suspension for the same spring rate, and this is a desirable feature for offroad vehicle. Also since it has less restriction by its natural, it uses fewer ball-joints so it is slightly stronger than ball-joint type strut design, but not as strong as hinge type strut.

Some of the most capable offroaders, such as Tatra 813, Pinzgauer, and the original VW-beetle (Dune buggy / Kübelwagen) uses this type of suspension. Nowadays it is rarely being seen in family cars due to its highway safety issue, an example was the story of Chevrolet Corvair which also use the same type of suspension.

100% negative camber, not suitable for high-speed (but in Besiege camber has less effect than the real world)
May subject to bump steering, steering may lock-up under high stress.

Note: blocks with green pin can be used as hard points.
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