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Torsion-bar semi-trailing arm suspension assembly

uploaded by sazabi2001 3 weeks ago

Semi-trailing arm rear suspension assembly with torsion-bar setup, an alternative Besiege suspension block. Use wooden pole, hinge and brace to extend the effective length of a torsional element, seems able to get the spring rate right.
For all type of suspensions design, camber-grain is one of the most important features for high-performance sports car built, well in the real-world not Besiege. you want some active camber-gain but neither 100% (swing axle) nor 0% (solid axle), double wishbone allows a ratio of camber grain depends on the long-short arm ratio; and the only other type of suspension that allows this with some-degree of freedom is the semi-trailing arm design. Porsche love this type of suspension, it is a relatively simple design with reasonably good performance, so before 993 almost all Porsche road cars (911/912, 914, 924, 944, 928, 968) uses this for the rear suspension.

The suspension geometry has an appearance similar to the Weissach axle of the 928 rear assembly, which is the last iteration of this type until multi-link become the next mainstream. Also with the torsion bar setup this suspension setup has surprisingly low center of gravity, which may benefit some sports car build.D

Spring rate is difficult to control, the damping rate is strange compare to normal spring.
Relative complex for the rear suspension, with 25 blocks in total.

Note: blocks with green pin can be used as hard points.
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