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Experimental leaf-spring solid axle suspension

uploaded by sazabi2001 3 weeks ago

Solid axle rear suspension with experimental leaf-spring. It is an alternative to the Besiege suspension block. Use wooden pole, hinge/ ball joint and brace to extend the effective length of a longitudinal element. It is similar to my torsion-bar design but applies to a different type of force.

In Besiege the bending motion is strange (or none?), so the 'bending' here is actually just the added-up of the ballast elements' deformation and 'scaled' it up using hinge / brace / pole. This is the closest I can get to represent leaf-spring and still the spring rate is a bit on the hard side. It may only good for the truck build (but wooden pole can't support heavy load). Or someone wants to build a representative American muscle car that it may be useful.

Non-independent suspension
Spring-rate is too hard.
Relative complex assembly with 33 blocks

Note: blocks with green pin can be used as hard points.


So far I think I have built all types of suspension geometry that I know about in car design (strut, double-wishbone, swing-axle, solid-axle, and semi-trailing-arm), and also 2 other types of alternative spring element (torsion-bar and leaf-spring). Playing with suspension in my primary goal in this game and I think I have completed this goal now.
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