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6X6 Off-Road Mars Explorer

uploaded by sazabi2001 3 weeks ago

Currently my best off-roader, newly designed independent strut suspension, 4-wheel RTC steering and semi-flexible chassis.

This design allows the chassis to be tilted with the front-half and rolled with the rear-half while still maintain certain level of rigidity and spring rate. The front axis is pre-loaded to have some weight-transfer leverage and avoid flipping over when climbing, well it still flips if the slop is too steep. New wheel design also increases a fair amount of traction, but the outer wheel does break away sometimes. The RTC control design has been improved over time, so this version has reasonably good turn-rate, correct king-pin angle and maintains a good response even in climbing / under stress. The choice of using MacPherson strut suspension is a compromise between wheel contact angle and strength; it is independent motion on all wheels, can absorb some impact but not indestructible.

It is a relatively simple design of about 115 blocks, 14 blocks wheelbase / 9 block track width. It can go up to 60-degree slope in a continuously climb, very capable offroader consider its relatively short wheelbase.

Note that the chassis is particularly designed to only takes the outer section, so that the middle space of the vehicle is almost empty and can install other things on it (use the center block).

The controls are just arrows for driving, nothing fancy.

Have fun.

Minor update with some small fix.
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