How do I use a .bsg file?

K33-4 Fairless

uploaded by KURAHA 2 weeks ago



-Main gun
I.J.K.L to aim
C to shoot
F for first person camera

-Guided missile
keypad * to launch(press about 0.5s)
keypad 7.8.9./ to control

-Peace maker
Use keypad to aim
Press 0 to active(toggle)
The radar will rotate when turned on

The horizontal range is about 150 degrees
Pitch angle about 60 degrees
Distance 150m

Only valid for physical attacks

The faster and smaller attack interception rate will lower
Attacks from outside the range have longer exposure times
Have a higher intercept rate

-Recoilless gun
Press X(toggle)
The small piston on radar will extension when turned on

This is a secret cheat option
You don't need to turn it on, machine will still work properly
Firepower : 25X
Block count : 430
Weight : 248.0
Maximum speed : +85 / -80 km/h
posted by WarNoob 2 weeks ago