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Full Vanilla Twin-Engine Mig-25

uploaded by sazabi2001 2 weeks ago

Experimental work to reduce turbine engine size, a smaller cross-section size allows twin-engine (8 rotors each) to be placed closer to avoid torque differential. Other than this, everything else in this build is typical.
It has heavy but reasonable good control response, and as stable as a twin-engine airplane should be. It is also reasonably quick, possibly the same speed as my other aircraft builds if not quicker.

Controls are simple:
'1' for standard power (toggle mode), 2 for extra power (afterburner, also in toggle mode), 3 for reverse power (may damage the aircraft). Note that in high-power-mode the engine may fall apart under high-G maneuver, just like a real Mig-25.
Arrows for roll / pitch direction.
'[' and ']' for yaw.
'G' to retract the landing gear, 'T' to extend.

Have fun

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