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Working car mechanisms put together...

uploaded by Gorgutek 1 week ago

Press L on start!!!

So i made a car using mostly mechanisms of my idea, but based on actual cars. I don't know if the way that I made contraptions match the way that these are made in RL, but they mostly do their job ;d
So here u have a steam engine, gearbox, differential, steering system, suspension and brakes on 4 wheels, doors, and chair ;d
Turn the engine on with arrow up
Brake with arrow down
Steering mechanism used with left and right arrow... ;d
1, 2, 3, R are the gears in gear box. Press once to activate the gear, press again to idle.
Move the driving wheel with Z and X
Move the back of a driver chair with C and V
Move the driver seat forward and backward with god finger tool while pressing B to release the lock
Open the doors with god finger tool (btw door has 2 "levels of opening", half and all the way open, if u are carefull enough u will notice (if u can't open it half way make sure u pressed L ;d )
PS. No clutch cause i couldn't fit it there xd But it's not necessary here anyway
PS2 I dont know if it can run, probably not xd. If u want to check for some reason just connect every pinned part with each other, press P and let me know if it works xd
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