How do I use a .bsg file?

Bomb Chucker

uploaded by DarkriftX 4 years ago

This machine is an alpha. It fails horribly on my machine, but I think thats because it lags so bad I cannot let go of the bomb before the arm stops expanding (to throw the bomb).

Basic use is to grab a bomb (the piston at the tip is bound to "g" to let you reach out and grab a bomb) ,then to lift the arm up (the "left" key), then to expand it quickly ("h") and then toss the bomb ("v") while the arm is still expanding.

I have successfully tossed the bomb twice without just dropping it on the box of spare bombs. I have once been able to grab a second bomb to throw. I know its possible, but my machine lags too much.
posted by admin 4 years ago
This actually works well for me, but I had to remove the post in front of your hinge and move it farther away by one square - your throwing arm hits the base of it and is probably the cause of your problems. Runs well on my GTX660Ti.