How do I use a .bsg file?

Double Barrel Fireball Shotgun Tank

uploaded by Gospel 4 years ago

An improvement over my last fireball tank. Had two barrels. Use invincible mode and freebuild for best results.

Controls are:
Arrow keys to drive
Numpad 1 and Numpad 2 to fire cannons
Numpad 0 and Numpad period to lift the tank and cannons

The one in the picture and video are slightly different than the download due to save file problems. It operates the same. I didn't feel like re-creating the machine or video for the sake of a little continuity.
posted by asd 4 years ago
Pretty nice improvement over the last one - good work!
posted by Carlo 4 years ago
I need one with the controls changed so they have no numpad usage
(Numpad is same as arrow keys for me)
posted by Ross 4 years ago
Carlo, that might have to do with whether you have numlock on. But even still, you should be able to remap the keys however you want.