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Long Range Fireball Crossbow Tank

uploaded by Gospel 4 years ago

A long range fireball crossbow tank. It's another improvement on my last two tanks. The suspension handles the firing of the cannons better, though it doesn't drive as well. The crossbow is so powerful that you might have to play on a low timescale so that it doesn't clip through the fireballs. It can fire more than fireballs, they are just the coolest.

Use invincible and freebuild for best results.

Controls are:
Arrow keys to drive
Numpad 1 fires. Tap to fire a short distance, hold to fire further.
Numpad 0 and Numpad period to raise and lower the tank. It takes a second.
Numpad 2 and 3 control the angle of the front with the blades.
Numpad - and + control fine aiming of the cannon.
posted by pr0wler1 2 years ago
posted by danielsu 2 years ago
fuck you
this damn machine can't do anything. mother fucker

posted by Gospel 2 years ago
Why are you so upset? I made this almost over a year ago. The game has updated dozens of times and has changed a lot since I built this.