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Versatile tank

uploaded by Mittenfist 4 years ago

This machine can easily complete every level! It has cannons, flamethrowers, tank controls, a fireball launcer, two missiles, buzzsaws, suspension...

Works without invul and fits in the box.

First press Z to lock in the fireballs! press Z again before firing.
9 and 3 on numpad are left wheels
7 and 1 are right wheels
5 and 2 control the rotating side deathblades/AA cannon angle
L- fire fireballs
Hold J- release fireball launcher after firing to remove dead weight
H- combat mode
Y- activate deathblade flamethrowers
C- fire cannons
B- fire AA cannons (note: lower missile launchers before firing)
1 & 2 on keyboard- raise and lower missile launchers
3 & 4 - hold to fire missiles
Up, down, left, and right- control robot arm
R- extend robot arm
V- let go of whatever the arm grabbed
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