How do I use a .bsg file?

Spider Walker w/ Steering

uploaded by OttoNL 4 years ago

Just control it with the Arrow Keys.

If it tends to break, first tap the forward arrow a few times briefly and then start walking. Sometimes the braces glitch when it suddenly comes into motion.
Also it tends to stay together better if you don't alternate Left and Right quickly.
It's not the strongest and most stable of creations. But the fact that the game is still in development may be a factor.

Don't use K or L as it might cause breaking legs. Wheels were originally set to I,K,O and L, but I changed I and O to Left and Right.
posted by bacskje 3 years ago
this is really cool

posted by BesiegeBuilder 3 years ago
It is a nice system, although it steers pretty bad it looks cool and is an awesome creation. I am trying to improve it with high friction plates and maybe big wheels. Rock on, creator!
posted by Moon 3 years ago
This is the top 3 smartest creations in Besiege. Respect.
posted by Core88 3 years ago
This is one of the early creations that got me interested with this game. The walking mechanism is so simple and effective. Bravo OttoNL.
posted by Lychka 3 years ago
This machines in video
posted by ninjaplatypus42 2 years ago
Hope you don't mind but i tweaked your design a bit an re-uploaded. It turns on a dime now :)