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The Little Friend

uploaded by allias 4 years ago

Hi, this is my first major machine made in Besiege, and i stumbled upon this page so i figured i could share it with you.

- 1 Flamethrower in the front
- 2 Flamethrowers in the sides
- 1 Blade in the sides of the Catapult, next to the 2 Flamethrowers
- 4 spikes in the front.
- 1 Short-range, VERY heavily armoured and braced catapult.
- (Optional) If you know how to craft a reloader, this...thingy supports it.)
- 1 removeable and rotationable turret with 9 cannons.
- 5 Flamethrowers in the turrets base, to every side.



- Arrow keys for movement.
- 1 To pull the holder back for optional reload.
- 2 - 0 to fire the turrets cannons.
- Q and E to turn the turret to left or right.
(Doing this will remove the braces from the turret's top, it won't break or fall, though)
- R and T to turn the turret up or down.
- Hold L to fire catapult.

- H to stationarize the turret, allowing more accurate and faster shots, lessening the recoil. Also useful in case you need to turn the turret fast so it doesn't break.

- J to remove the turret, it will stay down but is left behind, there's no option to move it unless you make it so yourself.
(Stationarizing the turret in this mode allows you to support yourself from afar in case you have trouble with enemies, also useful for sieging weaker targets like houses)

- Y to burn everything and everyone close to you. Just remember to move away from flaming enemies as you are suspectible to catching fire.

Note that i (Tried to) design the machine to support additional weaponry and to remove the catapult and replace it with something else if you wish.



- You can fire all kinds of ammo....except for explosives. Well, you can, but you have to be more careful with the launching and pulling back than normally, as it will explode very easily. Think soft, controlled firing.

- This machine is hard to turn large amounts with or without the turret attached. Remove the turret for better mobility and means to protect yourself, should enemies come from an angle you can't defend.

- Remember to place the catapult down before a siege, it WILL break if dropped from air.

- The machine breaks (very, very, very rarely) in the start of the siege.

- The holder for catapults ammo is badly braced or a possible bug, it sometimes falls off the the start of the siege.

- Remember, this is my first notable machine if you don't count my ''place a few blocks here and there, add wheels and cannons and done''. I didn't use any guide for this machine, so it's 100% built by me and me only.

That should cover it all, if you have something on your mind what's to add or need help with something, feel free to comment. (Why should i even mention this)


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