How do I use a .bsg file?


uploaded by Vittthe 4 years ago

Set the speed to ~10-15% and play it
Just enjoy
(If it didnt explode just restart)
posted by BoyPantog 4 years ago
How did you make so many primary blocks? So cool.
posted by Vittthe 4 years ago
"if you edit the .bsg as a .txt file, you'll see the blocks have IDs. Starter block is 0" (c) Anonymous in his build 'Blocknonsense'
posted by Jon35y 4 years ago
is there a video of that on youtube??????
posted by Lephiprosh00 3 years ago
posted by Ross 3 years ago
Congrats on 1000 downloads!
posted by 12315tt315 3 years ago
oh my eyes!too many primary blocks