How do I use a .bsg file?

Mammoth 2.2

uploaded by allias 4 years ago

[←] stretch left leg
[→] stretch right leg
[↑. ↓] turn
[`] deploy Firecannon
[1] launch firecannon
[Q, E] control head and rocket angle
[2345] launch rockets
[R] launch tusk flame

playable timespeed : 30~55% (very slow)
posted by Skyrising 4 years ago
This is so sick! Reminds me of Lord of the Rings :D
posted by fefe 4 years ago
how u download and put it in ur game
posted by Pete 4 years ago
This is so awesome, total mayhem here I come :D
posted by TelegraphicFruit111 4 years ago
@fefe to download and put it into your game you must go up and press the download button, then press the thing at the bottom of the screen and open the file. Then press save. Then go into besiege and go to the 'load machines' tab. then press the file location under the type in name and load tab. it should say something like 'File/Steam/Steamapps(x86)/--- so on. press on that so it brings you to the file of saved creatures. THEN goto the side and press Downloads that has a folder with an arrow pointing down. Next find whatever you wanted to download (it iwll have a name) and then drag it into Local Disk. Then drag it into SteamApps(x86) located somewhere. then drag it into steam, drag it into SteamApps, Common, besiege, (rememberto click into the files you drag your downloaded feature in) then Besiege_Data, Saved machines, and then x off the files thing. Then go back in-game, press esc to get off the laod machines tab, go back on, and your mammoth should be there!
Hope anyone else found it useful.
posted by RixtonTheGamer 4 years ago
Love this Elephant. its so amazing with all the hidden features. you are amazing!

posted by RixtonTheGamer 4 years ago
mammoth* sorry XD

posted by GioAc96 4 years ago
Check out the Elephant! Inspired by this amazing creation!
posted by Riccardon 3 years ago
Мой компьютер почти сгорел, как только я запустил мамонта в бой
posted by Riccardon 3 years ago
My computer almost burned down as soon as I launched a mammoth into battle