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Flying snake/Chinese dragon

uploaded by Bikuta_Geto 4 years ago

Prototype flying machine, unarmed.
Can not take off from the ground but has to start high up in the air.

numpad 0 = pull head forward
up = steer up
down = steer down
left = steer left
right = steer right

When 'up' is not used, the head will automatically droop down.
Becomes more controllable once it picks up some speed.
posted by Carlo 4 years ago
this is my favourite machine in the whole game
posted by gren 4 years ago
use braces on the 3 first joints. then add 2 sticks and 4 balloons ..

then 2 propelling things on top. set to " arrow up"

and add 1 more for forward propulsion...
then it works perfect and can take off from ground too
posted by boblecraft 4 years ago
look cool
posted by Valcor 4 years ago
Hey Bikuta_Geto
I made a different version of this machine using ball joints and removing the wooden poles
I just wanted to make sure you were okay if I were to upload it.
posted by Snoppie 3 years ago
This is a very nice way to relax from all the killing in the game.
posted by jeeva_sen 3 years ago
i posted a edited version and gave u all the credit is it okay
posted by Valeri 3 years ago