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Reloading Fireball Tank 2

uploaded by Gospel 4 years ago

A reloading fireball tank. Over 500 parts, so it's a bit laggy. It has a suspended body and fires up to 6 shots. It can fire outside of the map when it is tilted all of the way back.

Arrow keys to drive.
Numpad 1 to fire the cannon. Hold for more distance.
Numpad 9 and 7 to reload.
Numpad 0 lifts the tank and numpad period lowers it.
Numpad + and - control secondary aiming.

Use invincible and a low time scale for best results.
posted by Pantheon 3 years ago
I was gonna make like this then i didnt save my work because it is in progress then "bluescreen"
posted by han5g 3 years ago
Why it said "out of bound"?