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Black Betty

uploaded by shi_vii 4 years ago

Black Betty is a build focused on compact versatility full of features necessary to clear all Ipsilon zones.

Features include:
Tank style steering
Bomb catapult doubling as a Grabber arm
Two pivoting cannons
Adjustable plow
Concealed bomb defusing cannon
A flamethrower
Adjustable height on both axles

"Does what it says on the tin!"
posted by shi_vii 4 years ago
6+2 or 5+3 to spin in place, do this with the arm extended to take out crowds, flamethrower will spin will also work.
The bomb defuser cannon can also be used as a regular cannon by raising the plow then raising the front pistons.
Use the pistons to climb up hills easier.
Arm can be extended for further throw, may break if pushed too far forward however.
posted by admin 4 years ago
Very cool!
posted by CuscoOthriyas 4 years ago
Holy crap!!! Wish I built half as well....
posted by Mohab_The_Boss 4 years ago
I have to say I still can't get your black betty to move forward, its' too amazing for me!! xD
But a really cool design, Your catapult mechanism on black betty inspired my inferior catapult mechanism on my Raptor M3!
posted by thejstone2002 4 years ago
Could you please make a no number pad version and upload it?
posted by shi_vii 4 years ago
You can just remap the keys in-game to whatever feels most comfortable.
posted by Mohab_The_Boss 4 years ago
I wanna ask, How did you make it so that the catapult mechanism doesn't just pass through your machine and cause it to derp?
I made a machine with the exact same catapult mechanism, but the problem is, when I put it down or up to shoot the bomb, it goes right through my machine like air, and causes it to derp. v 0.05.
posted by shi_vii 4 years ago
Is it passing through bracers?
It might also be the speed the wheels are set at.
Do you have a file to look at?
posted by DailyBesiegeUploader 4 years ago
shi_vii i just love your creations than i have made a own one sry that it seems imitation. :D just like your bettys!
posted by district9 4 years ago
hey shivy i bet your jealous that camos bat mobile is more popular than your black betty haha no wonder its more popular your machine is mediocre and his is the best

posted by shi_vii 4 years ago
Someone that can't spell is trying to insult

Anyway they're two different machines one is purely for looks and the other for function.
Betty is efficient and functional while that Batmobile is a recreation of something from a movie.
It's apples and oranges.
posted by camo5670 4 years ago
@district9 its funny because your saying everyones creation is shit but you haven't uploaded any also black betty is way better than my creation and can beat every zone. i appreciate your support for my machine but i'm a big fan of black betty and shi vii is one of the best creators of all time so stop hating on black betty because over 3000 people disagree with you
posted by Pete 4 years ago
This is one of the best mods in the game, I love it. I was thinking on a similar design, a small multitask vehicle just built on tank chassis. I'm not sure if I'm good enough with creating stuff but maybe You could make something like that. I bet it would turn out amazing.
posted by NoName 4 years ago
I need help i don't know what happened but the numpad 7,9,1,5 and 3 don't work only 8,6,4,and 2 but they show up as up down left and right just like my keypad and i tryed to fix it buy configuering the objects to the keys just like the pic but it duzent show that i pressed it but the keys work fine on other tasks still works. HELP!!!!!!
posted by TheGiantPenguins 4 years ago
Awesome work man! Question -- How did you build a hinge block inside the root block??
posted by shi_vii 4 years ago
I haven't played with tank treads but I've been meaning to anyway. I might tinker with the idea.

Your numlock button is probably on, press it once and the numbers should work again.

The only hinge is the one the plow is mounted on.
posted by k_blast 4 years ago
you are the best besiege player i ever seen and youre creations just blows my mind. I hope you love building stuff so you can make more people happy with what you do. YOU ARE AMAZING!! :D
posted by LaCube57 4 years ago
Awesome vehicle, and choice of music!
posted by shi_vii 4 years ago
Thanks, I do love building things. Unfortunately I haven't had much free time recently to do so.

Thanks, I try to keep it entertaining.
posted by shi_vii 4 years ago
For anyone who liked Black Betty, I have an updated version named "Bitty Betty" on my page you might enjoy!
posted by Lolerbenji10 4 years ago
Hey try this. Put 2 wheels on a block set the two wheels to max. Then add a piston.Make sure that the piston extends when the wheels move. Then get your bomb and your grabber. Attach it. You now have a catapult!! Its also long range like yours but mines super compact..
posted by flamegod7 4 years ago
There is no better feeling for an engineer than actually making a machine that can do everything in the most efficient way possible. Good work!
posted by its_ya_mama 4 years ago
did you make the music your self
posted by 1Second 3 years ago
best god damn car in besiege
posted by displayter 3 years ago
you destroyed my dreams ('^' )
what sucks to me is what is so popular stays popular because people see a lot download it so they think its good so they download it and this never ends un less every one downloads it
posted by KodigorII 3 years ago
17694 downloads. 1 like. Logic.
posted by KodigorII 3 years ago
Nevermind. It didn't load. :/
posted by r0botranicrex 3 years ago
displayter its ok its no longer pouplur
posted by some dumb troll 3 years ago
Well to be honest , Core88 helped me built all the betty machines and i paid some money to draegast so that he would put up my machines on his channel.
posted by MAKCNM 3 years ago
posted by Wuxiao 3 years ago
Petty Cool
Super Cool
posted by EasyConstructions 1 year ago
To download Besiege v0.60 :
The .zip ""
posted by ahmed0112235 6 months ago
wow wow wow fun inveion