arrow keys to move and j to do something special
Press up arrow and hold until you get some altitude then let go, it flies with no power.
Very easy to control.
pick up bomb if you want to.
forward: up on the arrow key; for wheels and propellers
backwards: down of the arrow key; for only wheels
extra lift (needed to fly): V key
bank left: left on arrow key
bank right: right on arrow key
detach bomb: C key
Side note: hold V all the time in air

H to use pistons.

if lag lower speed.

if a piston gets stuck either quickly tap h or hold it down and release.
It's just a Truck
normal controls to move back and forth and steer c for cannon y for flames just self destruct and watch it wipe out everything.
left and right arrow to go froward and backwards, hold left and right to turn.
Y for Flamethrowers
C for Cannons
BOMB BOMB BOMB BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
use this machine in sandbox. Try to go up hills and don't let the bombs hit the spike or you lose. survive as long as you can.
The controls are simple use the arrow keys and h for something random i added
Up arrow : Forward
Down arrow : Backward
Left : what do you think?
Right : also, what do you think?
1,2,3,4,5 : canons
normal controls for the base and y for the flame throwers

everything (control wise) normal
turning is shit
add you own stuff onto it
Fires 6 fireballs a very long distance, 4 pieces of moving armor, 13 cannons, and 2 double wide treads.

Use q to tilt the main gun down, and e to raise it.
1/2 lower/raise the top armor, works best if you wait till the main gun has settled to close, 3/4 control the front armor, again works best if you wait until the main gun has settled.
numpad 1/2 raise and lower the rear cannons, numpad 3 for back cannons, numpad 4 for the front top cannons, numpad 5 for the bottom front cannon, numpad 6 for side cannons

Press h to expand the track wheels for better driving. it DOES move, and turn, but when your have around 800 parts everything is slow, enjoy and make it your own.
Just a fix. Machine made by ekbruligas, and slight tweaks by mrbeege.
1 to decouple
2 to fire

t and g to go up and down

Has tilt rotor function, but if you want it you need to have invincible mode on

Num pad 7+9= Forward
Num pad 7= turn right
Num pad 9= turn left
Num pad 4+6= Backwards

Tap num pad 7+9 three times before you take off for stablilty

You can do what you want with it such as add bombs, cannons, etc.

Very scale and stable
Up : forward
Down : backward
Left : what do you think?
Right : also, what do you think?
1,2,3,4,5 : canons
left and right for turning, forward and back, all on directional keys, Doesn't work so great its more just silly and cute...
Press Y, wait 5 seconds and press J. Requires Multimod. Link to Multimod:

my first upload. couldnt think of a good name so i kinda took inspiration from markiplier.
A tank designed to beat all levels.
- Fireproof
- Explosion Resistant
- Arrow Resistant
- Cannon Resistant

It takes some skill to beat Marksman's Pass. By which I mean I suck at driving it.

Tank steering (left, right, back)
Sling Arm (Back/down [1], up/forward [2], release [3], extend [0])
Cannon (c)
Front Plow (x and v, extend with f)
C to fire cannons :) my first upload yay it may lag on some computers
Chinook heli based on real helicopter controls
Helicopter based on actual Chinook controls. Not extra balancing add-ons.
Controls: Arrow keys to rover around.
K-i to open and close mouth
O-L to move arm up and down
[-] to move elbow left and right
V to release from grabber
Here's the trick- It has two hands: Left hand holds a knife (in case your pray still clings to dear life) And the second hand is the grabber, with 2 joins. Getting your food right into the mouth is tricky, so try getting it close, and sort-of toss it towards the mouth. The Torso is transparent so you can keep track of your kills.
Dinner's served!
Wait for machine to spin fast, then press v to let go of "top"
left and right for steering
up and down to go forwards (hold left and right aswell as up to go forwards faster and go up hills) this was just a crazy thing that i made... i recommend you run this at 25% speed, but i have a bad laptop... so this may be fine to run at a higher speed. well... have fun!
cme some slack im a 13 year old kid
Right+ left arrows = drive forwards
Right arrow = turn left
Left arrow = turn right
Right+ left arrows = drive forwards
Right arrow = turn left
Left arrow = turn right
Right + left arrow key = Drive forward
Right arrow key = traverse counter clockwise
Left arrow key = traverse clockwise
Very simple kill truck
4 and 6 for middle
1 and 3 for pointing

used for expressions
NOTE- THIS MACHINE DOES NOT HANDLE SMALL COMPUTERS OR LAPTOPS!!!!! USE AT 4x SLOW MOTION!!! Anyway, all you have to do is press the Y key right when you start and watch the nuclear blast take out anything in its path!
A potential chassis for flying machines. Original rotor design was not discovered by me however it has been significantly expanded upon.
Normal controls. c for cannon. very fast, bounce. can pop wheelies and drift.
try it out. Up=Up, Down=Down
I had posted this accidently as anonymous, so dont think I didnt steal anything!
Stumbled upon this while attempting to create a heli. Up arrow key to go Up
Down arrow key to go Down
A wheel base with tank control!
A simple demonstration of Ackermann steering. Controlled with the arrow keys.
Numpad 0 extend spoiler
drive with arrow keys
left ctrl for boost
arrow keys to steer+right and left shift to go up and down
you just have to press "y" for the flamethrowers
to walk just press left, then right, and repeat!ME<LEMLM!!!! <!M!!!! !!! !!! !!!!!! !!! !! !!! !!!!!!!!!!!!1
A war machine made to destroy using the power of gear technology to move! Comes with a basic air distractor so your enemies think your running away! All controls are default.
just right and left and see what moves it does
lolz everywhere
first, hold O, then press i to release
t for turning right, r for turning left, y for flame throwers, j to disconnect waits, ( CATION, DO NOT DISCONNECT WAITS UNTIL SHOT, THERE WILL BE TROUBLES SHOOTING, and possibly a suicide)
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A simple car with an armored Bomb to weave around obstacles and blow up your main target.
Arrow Keys: For Driving
C: Ignite Flamethrower (Blows up Car)

Lots of fun and easy to use.
Thanks for downloading.
A simple to fly bomb dropping Balloon. Accurate on drops, Could be faster.
Up: Forward
Down: Backward
Left: Left
Right: Right
C: Hover down
V: Closes Basket
B: Opens Basket
Press left to shoot, press anything else to die~!
up= up air blocks
f = turn up
v = turn down
p = front air block
, = turn right
. = turn left
be genital with the controls and you should be good
This is a flying vehicle that runs off of the paradox engine, a perpetual motion glitch in besiege
How to fly:
o - spin up engine
i - release spinners
wait for it to get up to speed
m - make the whole thing lift off the ground
j - release the bottom frame, make sure not to catch anything that spins on the rest of the machine
t,f,g,h - to go forward and lean
r,y - spins left and right, hold both to go down
m - to ascend
NOTE: this is a very finicky machine and takes a little to get used to. If you cant get it to fly the first time don't be discouraged!

left arrow key to move left tracks
right arrow key to move right tracks
down arrow key to move back

I J K L to move crane arm
It's a small Catapult, easy to use and LOW LAG.

Arrows - Move the vehicle
H - Launch the ball
C - Fire cannons

WARNING : Wait that the ball stop moving before firing it, otherwise it will explode directly.
A fully functional car with heavy suspension and drift ability

Forward: Up arrow
Backward: Down arrow
Left: Left arrow
Right: Right arrow
Usless machine, needs work,
Help wanted,
Rules I want it fully operential with just a flick of the switch,
No Press button 1 first, then press button 2, then button 3.
As few powered blocks as possible,
Thanks for the tips and helps!
Basic controls weapons keys: 1, 2, 3, 4, l, y
Very fast and powerful. You will most likely have to turn down speed though.
just hold left or right.
cannons - c, v, and b
moving - basic left, right, up, down
flamethrower - z
control base
press C for self distruction :D
A medieval replica of the Medium Security Bot MK I from the game "Sword of the Stars: The Pit."

Up Arrow - forward
Down Arrow- reverse
Left Arrow - turn head left
Right Arrow- turn head right
1- raise gun angle
2- lower gun angle
3- lower blade angle
4- raise blade angle
5- extend blade (toggled, do this before attacking with blade)
6- fire gun

Notes- cannot turn; is better when invincible mode is on; very heavy; could not make tank tracks, settled for large wheels; attempted to use tank controls, wheels don't get enough traction, attempts at increased traction caused the build to implode

This is my most dedicated build so far, taking me four straight hours of work. I hope this gets featured on Youtube as a cool build, and I hope people check out SOTS: The Pit. It's a very good game.
up down
this is not my creation it is nuclear potatos but i changed the controls to me easeyer
1 extend piston left right z and x
arrow keys to move
flèche directionnelle pour bouger
h and v for the surprise
h puis v pour la surprise
y and t for flame throwers
y et t pour les lances-flammes
c for canons
c pour les canons
l pour fermer la surprise
l to close the surprise
arrow keys
left shift top x front arrow keys otherwise
its harry and this is a car that kills
L is fire arrow keys to move
its a paradox engine
you need a mod in order for it to work heres a link to the mod download page the controls are 1234567 z and x for aim up or down and the arrow keys to move
Very stable air ship, maneuvers though the air like a ship on water, also uses helicopter principle of tilting rotors to go on any direction. (slight paddle wheel effect) it can be landed on the ground by tilting bow down and forward arrow key (not so easy, may need practice)

(Arrow keys) to go left, right, forward and back

Tilt bow up (1), tilt stern up (2)

13 guns on each side (3,4,5,6,7,8,9) 6 fore and aft guns (Q, E)

Bombs (V)
left and right to walk up and down to use trunk
its low gravity left shift go down
Classic arrows to move
[V] for suicide
A simple but powerful mini catapult I copied from youtube
I learned a lot from this very basic machine
Before Black Betty
was posted, I attempted to recreate it. I'm only uploading it because Shi_vii wanted to compare them.
W forward A left S Back D Right. WARNING: Need Beefy Computer. Jackcepticye I love your vids and your the Best! Like a BOSS.
right to turn left left to turn right and o to fly
Beat every level with this some are a bit hard but it can be done and I forgot a picture of it sry :/
drive up-down
steer richt-left
arm o-p
mashine on arm u-i
lock pistons h
unlock pistons h
unlock grabbers v
F- front saw
R- back saw
1 2 4 5 7 8 9 - fire
3 6 flamethrower
H - std

Slingshot :
0 [zero] - spread arms
- [minus] - fire

< > - obracanie wieżyczki

do przodu i w lewo jedziesz prosto :)
Allahu Akbar!!!
Improved a design from a twitich stream
try it out