A simple to fly bomb dropping Balloon. Accurate on drops, Could be faster.
Up: Forward
Down: Backward
Left: Left
Right: Right
C: Hover down
V: Closes Basket
B: Opens Basket
Press left to shoot, press anything else to die~!
up= up air blocks
f = turn up
v = turn down
p = front air block
, = turn right
. = turn left
be genital with the controls and you should be good
This is a flying vehicle that runs off of the paradox engine, a perpetual motion glitch in besiege
How to fly:
o - spin up engine
i - release spinners
wait for it to get up to speed
m - make the whole thing lift off the ground
j - release the bottom frame, make sure not to catch anything that spins on the rest of the machine
t,f,g,h - to go forward and lean
r,y - spins left and right, hold both to go down
m - to ascend
NOTE: this is a very finicky machine and takes a little to get used to. If you cant get it to fly the first time don't be discouraged!

left arrow key to move left tracks
right arrow key to move right tracks
down arrow key to move back

I J K L to move crane arm
It's a small Catapult, easy to use and LOW LAG.

Arrows - Move the vehicle
H - Launch the ball
C - Fire cannons

WARNING : Wait that the ball stop moving before firing it, otherwise it will explode directly.
A fully functional car with heavy suspension and drift ability

Forward: Up arrow
Backward: Down arrow
Left: Left arrow
Right: Right arrow
Usless machine, needs work,
Help wanted,
Rules I want it fully operential with just a flick of the switch,
No Press button 1 first, then press button 2, then button 3.
As few powered blocks as possible,
Thanks for the tips and helps!
Basic controls weapons keys: 1, 2, 3, 4, l, y
Very fast and powerful. You will most likely have to turn down speed though.
just hold left or right.
cannons - c, v, and b
moving - basic left, right, up, down
flamethrower - z
control base
press C for self distruction :D
A medieval replica of the Medium Security Bot MK I from the game "Sword of the Stars: The Pit."

Up Arrow - forward
Down Arrow- reverse
Left Arrow - turn head left
Right Arrow- turn head right
1- raise gun angle
2- lower gun angle
3- lower blade angle
4- raise blade angle
5- extend blade (toggled, do this before attacking with blade)
6- fire gun

Notes- cannot turn; is better when invincible mode is on; very heavy; could not make tank tracks, settled for large wheels; attempted to use tank controls, wheels don't get enough traction, attempts at increased traction caused the build to implode

This is my most dedicated build so far, taking me four straight hours of work. I hope this gets featured on Youtube as a cool build, and I hope people check out SOTS: The Pit. It's a very good game.
up down
this is not my creation it is nuclear potatos but i changed the controls to me easeyer
1 extend piston left right z and x
arrow keys to move
flèche directionnelle pour bouger
h and v for the surprise
h puis v pour la surprise
y and t for flame throwers
y et t pour les lances-flammes
c for canons
c pour les canons
l pour fermer la surprise
l to close the surprise
arrow keys
left shift top x front arrow keys otherwise
its harry and this is a car that kills
L is fire arrow keys to move
its a paradox engine
you need a mod in order for it to work heres a link to the mod download page http://forum.spiderlinggames.co.uk/forum/main-forum/besiege-early-access/modding/4034-rocket-thrusters-besiege-v0-05-moved-to-multimod the controls are 1234567 z and x for aim up or down and the arrow keys to move
Very stable air ship, maneuvers though the air like a ship on water, also uses helicopter principle of tilting rotors to go on any direction. (slight paddle wheel effect) it can be landed on the ground by tilting bow down and forward arrow key (not so easy, may need practice)

(Arrow keys) to go left, right, forward and back

Tilt bow up (1), tilt stern up (2)

13 guns on each side (3,4,5,6,7,8,9) 6 fore and aft guns (Q, E)

Bombs (V)
left and right to walk up and down to use trunk
its low gravity left shift go down
Classic arrows to move
[V] for suicide
A simple but powerful mini catapult I copied from youtube
I learned a lot from this very basic machine
Before Black Betty
was posted, I attempted to recreate it. I'm only uploading it because Shi_vii wanted to compare them.
W forward A left S Back D Right. WARNING: Need Beefy Computer. Jackcepticye I love your vids and your the Best! Like a BOSS.
right to turn left left to turn right and o to fly
Beat every level with this some are a bit hard but it can be done and I forgot a picture of it sry :/
drive up-down
steer richt-left
arm o-p
mashine on arm u-i
lock pistons h
unlock pistons h
unlock grabbers v
F- front saw
R- back saw
1 2 4 5 7 8 9 - fire
3 6 flamethrower
H - std

Slingshot :
0 [zero] - spread arms
- [minus] - fire

< > - obracanie wieżyczki

do przodu i w lewo jedziesz prosto :)
Allahu Akbar!!!
Improved a design from a twitich stream
try it out
Left arrow - angle holder toward target
J - decouple holder
L - Launch bomb
its a killer mashine
no pistons you cheaters
A cross between locomotive and an air-boat, this... thing was the result of me trying to discover the most ridiculous possible way to move a vehicle. It is maneuvered solely by the torque from the rotors at the front end.
(All wheels are either unpowered or just go forward)

As the rotation of the main propeller array causes the vehicle to veer to the right, the handling is lopsided, but on the bright side, turning to the right is super tight!

Enjoy this proof-of-concept monstrosity!

Controls: Up arrow to apply thrust forward, back arrow vice-versa. Right and left arrows to steer (beware, the turning actually has acceleration)

Finally, do not attempt to fill the gap in the back. God knows why, but it won't work without it.
Default controls, extend the pistons and contract the springs to go fast.
Was trying to design some steering. Came up with the idea of a minigame.
Forward to move plane and car, 2 to drop rear bomb, 3 to drop front bomb
left and right keys to walk
num8 and num2 to nod
and thats all DERP can do.
PS: he is derpy
Flies Perfectly
Control with the arrow keys.
Z=Thrust+Arrows (up, down, left, right)
just hold L, it will move.(the wheel)

10 Favorites= making a car that works with this.
Use arrow keys to shake it around,
press l for it to get suddenly cold.

If i get 10 favorites on this, ill make some cooler stuff.

Try not to steal, its bad for your health.
Matt Shea, this is the true dong.
Designed to use the 1 button bombers from this aircraft carrier. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4P2IzjxsAA0
Prototype Backup vehicle for a bigger plan.
Good luch for the controls
First try
First try
start with 0% for no bombs

right=to the right
left=to the left
down is down
bom=right ctrl
just let it do the thing
Its a cool but hard to control flying machine!
Up: O
Go Back:l\
Fly to the front:KA
Drive with arrows and use 1 and 2 to close the arms, don't try to close the arms if you have extended the pistons or they will brake instead use the pistons when you have a lot of people between your closed claws to kill people if they survive
downloud and play frogger (death version)
fast deadly and cool
Its a little tank like vechicle.
press c
the end
The banana plane is controlled by shift and y
shift to go up
y to activate the flamethrowers
Arrow keys for movement.
A basic track system for a tank.
Check controls before playing, I don't remember what they are :D
1. set height and shooting angle with right shift(up) or right control (down)
2. set arms for shooting power with the arrow keeys (left to open right to close arms)
3. hold L to shoot.

Simple but effective design. due to a bug its almost impossible to set in the valit staring box, but the size is valid :(
there ya go
A modified version of the Death Spinner only weaker and no torches.

Requires no control but very breakable.
A spinning cycle of blades that requires no control. Just sit back and watch the carnage.
Basic shotgun with low chance of breaking.
C to fire.
A Besiege replica of the Hellstorm Predator missile.

6 bombs in total.
Well balanced an low chance of breaking.
O to fly.
Y for flamethrower.
Right arrow to drop bombs.
[Left] and [Right] do... Left and Right!

1 to fire aim shot...
2 to fire all other cannons!
A huge machine catapult, works.... sometimes
This thing looks like a normal thing but I bet you have never seen a thing like this. It's not quite "Ground" but there is nothing to describe it. Arrow keys to use wheels but if you are bored just press "L". (works only in invincible mode)
cannon spitter shootes the cannon itself +other bomb thing i made

also fits limits box

move the thing / i up, k down, j left, l right,c to go bang

move main bomber/ arrow keys to move, num pad/ 1-9 fire a cannon
launch up or down /,+ ,enter
random other keys/ t

This revolutionary piece of farming equipment is MUCH more efficient than any tractor. it has special patented thrusting movement, and has flamethrowers to fertilize the crops with ashes.
Moves w/ left, right and down
point upwards with left shift
all other controls are normal
Catch a sheep on the grabber and go through the stages.

Shift: Tilt grabber
Ctrl: Flip scoop
1: Deploy flame thrower.
2: Use flame thrower.
3. Flip Squasher.
4. Extend squasher.
5. Splat!
Arrow keys to move, c to make boom cannon go boom. Not much, but I thought it was really fun so I put it here.
Bigger version of my Balanced Flyer. still control with the arrows an O to go higher faster. can be fitted with any sort of weapons you want on it
Was able to clear all Ipsilon stages with these.
Controls are default, except the steering hinge for the grabber is
i for forward
k for backward
Its a transformer... but lame! (very lame!) :P

arrows to steer it, after transformed.

m to transform to car, n to transform to robo.

j, k, adicional controls of arms.

press space to kill things. press y to burn them.
littel and simple and easy to control
press y (epic with slowmotion)
Auto balances and controlable with left right up and down
I've figured how to rotate parts to any angle
use arrow keys to move, run them over with very yesgood speed
Motorcycle with sidecar mounted bomb launcher.

H to raise and lower arms. L to launch bomb.

ARROW PAD to control vehicle
doesn't really work but sometimes it will
arrow up - Forwards
arrow left/right - left/right
Y+T Forwards.
G+H Backwards.
T+H Turn.
Y+G Turn.

Arm and weapons:
Q+E Turn weapon.
ARROW UP+ARROW DOWN Lower/Raise weapon.
RIGHT SHIFT Raise arm.
1=Flamethrower 1
2=Flamethrower 2
3=Flamethrower 3
up/down for lift
left/right to tilt propellers
num keys 8 and 2 for landing gear
Left and Right to slant the propellers.