This revolutionary piece of farming equipment is MUCH more efficient than any tractor. it has special patented thrusting movement, and has flamethrowers to fertilize the crops with ashes.
Moves w/ left, right and down
point upwards with left shift
all other controls are normal
Catch a sheep on the grabber and go through the stages.

Shift: Tilt grabber
Ctrl: Flip scoop
1: Deploy flame thrower.
2: Use flame thrower.
3. Flip Squasher.
4. Extend squasher.
5. Splat!
Arrow keys to move, c to make boom cannon go boom. Not much, but I thought it was really fun so I put it here.
Bigger version of my Balanced Flyer. still control with the arrows an O to go higher faster. can be fitted with any sort of weapons you want on it
Was able to clear all Ipsilon stages with these.
Controls are default, except the steering hinge for the grabber is
i for forward
k for backward
Its a transformer... but lame! (very lame!) :P

arrows to steer it, after transformed.

m to transform to car, n to transform to robo.

j, k, adicional controls of arms.

press space to kill things. press y to burn them.
littel and simple and easy to control
press y (epic with slowmotion)
Auto balances and controlable with left right up and down
I've figured how to rotate parts to any angle
use arrow keys to move, run them over with very yesgood speed
Motorcycle with sidecar mounted bomb launcher.

H to raise and lower arms. L to launch bomb.

ARROW PAD to control vehicle
doesn't really work but sometimes it will
arrow up - Forwards
arrow left/right - left/right
Y+T Forwards.
G+H Backwards.
T+H Turn.
Y+G Turn.

Arm and weapons:
Q+E Turn weapon.
ARROW UP+ARROW DOWN Lower/Raise weapon.
RIGHT SHIFT Raise arm.
1=Flamethrower 1
2=Flamethrower 2
3=Flamethrower 3
up/down for lift
left/right to tilt propellers
num keys 8 and 2 for landing gear
Left and Right to slant the propellers.
Default Controles
H for the right saw
J for the canons' piston
K for the left saw
7 for the left catapult
8 for the right catapult
4, 5 and 6 for the canons
arrow keys to move
Just (L)
(L) catapult
(Y) flame
The batmobile lost a wheel... Never mind lets hope this Bat Mobile keep it's wheels!
Simple car I made in my free time.
up arrow to go forwards
down arrow to go backwards
left/right arrows to turn left/right

Be careful of steering, as it can easily break. (Seriously. Only light taps or short holds.)
This is a Mine-clearer. The front end is immune to explosive bombs. Machine made for those who don't like driving around items. May have to slow down game.
Hit [h] as soon as possible and arrow keys to drive
Press forwards once and watch as this Machine breaks Physics
r to lift, f to descend
arrows to control pitch and roll,
z and h for way
up and down arrows control pitch of rotors, side arrows control turning,
f and v to rotate rotors for thrust
g and b to control the pitch of the whole aircraft
It's a chair.
Radial to linear motion transmission system
its an experimental prototype but flys surprising well. based on my radio controlled tricopter.
Armored Catapult V1

Controls: L To Fire
Arrow keys To Steer

Armored Catapult V2 & other projects coming soon!
Balloon Buster V1 Semi-Helicopter

O - Raise Altitude
P - Lower Altitude

Balloon Buster V2 & Other Projects Soon

First Upload For Besiege!
left.right arrow
left.right arrow
This is the little worm that did!
h to deploy the monster
Needs a startup (hold "arrow down") and then press "H". Sometimes it breaks and stuff :D
the base for any vehicle (built a catapult with this)
left to go left
right to go right

its not much but its something
J to release the explosive bolts the to fire the spike press L
The Mida: Select application: Ballistic engagement. Entrenching tool. Avionics trawl. Troll smasher. Stellar sextant. List continues.
Small but able to pack a punch and complete all challenges undamaged.

Controls (Numberpad)
Steering 85 46
Catapult 7
Cannons Foreward/ Backward* Fire9
Flamethrowers 0 and 1
Tow-hook Raise2 Lower3 Release"Enter"
1, 2, 3 and arrows controls the cannons
Shoot all three balloons to blow up everything!
it's q and e to move the hand the rest is basic controls
Twice the bombs, twice the fun
Its full automatic. Just place it on the ground or let it fall from different highs and watch, how it surprises soldiers and sheeps.
up,down, left and right move it laterally.
Control lowers it, Shift raises it.
0, and 1 release the lower section of bombs
R reloads from the upper dead.
You can switch the warhead if you can and want.
i would like to see how goodly my creation works because my laptop doesnt run on a enough FPS so it would work so i could enjoy it.
'H' is up, 'O' is fly. Drive up to a wall then onto it till you're vertical then hold 'O'. The pistons are for getting over the tops of walls.
'H' is up, 'O' is fly. Drive up to a wall then onto it till you're vertical then hold 'O'. The pistons are for getting over the tops of walls.
I tryed one bomb and it wastn enought efficent, so icreated my own.
A stupid looking machine that can clear all stages... with luck

IJKL: Forward - left - backwards - right
V: Grabber
Z: Frontal Bomb
X: Back bomb

Note: Machine is a lot more stable without the bombs and works perfectly well while ramming. Just watch out you don't light itself on fire.
This small army is designed to take out maximum targets without risking your whole machine. The army has two Kamikaze bombers (back left and back right machines), a payload delivery vehicle (far left), brings bombs to the enemy then can detonate, an armored catapult (far right) and finally a multiple bomb thrower (center) that can be used to also reload the catapult.
Right Bomber - o flies it up and forwards, n releases the bomb
Left Bomber - p flies it up and forwards, m releases the bomb
Bomber Truck - t/g/h/f are forward/back/right/left respectively and y detonates the bombs
Catapult - z lowers armor, b launches bomb and i/k/l/j are forward/back/right/left respectively, q will self destruct
Reloading Car - use arrow keys to steer and numPad 4 and 5 to curl arm, >. key extends arm, numPad 0 rotates bombs
Enjoy controlling your army
press H as soon as you start, relase H when it got good spin
Arrow keys to move horizontally, q to go up, z to go down.
up arrow to fly
left and right arrow to steer
c to shoot
Arrow keys.
Scorpion launcher with a quiver of 6 bolts

m Draws the Contracting Band
1-6 drops a missile in ready position
q-y lights missile(matches below 1-6 for missile
l launches missile
7&2 left side forward Back
9&3 right side forward movement
kp+ to lower wheels
kp- to raise wheels
kp7 forward left wheels
kp1 reverse left wheels
kp9 forward right wheels
kp3 revers right wheels
kp5 launch projectile
gears=(down arrow)-shouldn't need to use this
hold h to fire
good terrain control and handling with a catapult
Steering keys are J & L
Acceleration keys are I and K
Plow keys are Left and Right arrows
Catapult Boom keys are Up and Down Arrows
Catapult tension key is +
Launch is Enter
Cannons keys are C

Catapult with 3 additional shots

Up/Down Left/Right - Driving controls
L - Fire
4/6 - (Numpad!!!); Rotate Loader
C - Drop left bomb
V - Drop middle bomb
B - Drop right bomb
A battering ram that I accidentally turned into a balista
'L' to contract springs
'J' to dis-joint the ram
Forward = up
Backward = down
Turning = Left/Right
To move arm, control and shift
To release bomb, Numpad 0
Arrow-keys for movement, L for catapult, V to release Grabber
I made this simple rover with suspension as a base to build upon. The idea is to have an all terrain platform with speed and good steerability.
Made by my Friend Timo (Xenomorph on Steam)

Fly up=Down
Fly down=UP
Fly Left=Left
Fly Right= Right
Drop bomb=V
Up and down to move. Also in the differential gear itself, I've attached two springs that contract whenever you press up or down to keep the gear tight.
Shoots anything but sets it on fire. shoots archers mwahaha
Bolt-Action Rifle containing 3 shots.

Left and Right arrow keys to rotate the bolt handle.
H to toggle bolt open and closed. (Can also use L to assist in opening the bolt, and K to assist closing it).
1, 2 and 3 will fire the first, second and third shots respectively. The first shot is readied after the bolt is closed. Once shot, use J to move the rounds up, open the bolt, and use Y to eject the casing. Close the bolt, fire the second shot, and repeat, but this time using V to move the second casing up. The third shot cannot be ejected.