I made this simple rover with suspension as a base to build upon. The idea is to have an all terrain platform with speed and good steerability.
Made by my Friend Timo (Xenomorph on Steam)

Fly up=Down
Fly down=UP
Fly Left=Left
Fly Right= Right
Drop bomb=V
Up and down to move. Also in the differential gear itself, I've attached two springs that contract whenever you press up or down to keep the gear tight.
Shoots anything but sets it on fire. shoots archers mwahaha
Bolt-Action Rifle containing 3 shots.

Left and Right arrow keys to rotate the bolt handle.
H to toggle bolt open and closed. (Can also use L to assist in opening the bolt, and K to assist closing it).
1, 2 and 3 will fire the first, second and third shots respectively. The first shot is readied after the bolt is closed. Once shot, use J to move the rounds up, open the bolt, and use Y to eject the casing. Close the bolt, fire the second shot, and repeat, but this time using V to move the second casing up. The third shot cannot be ejected.