made for the "destroy everything" "kill everyone" levels and is generally fun to mess around with-Spingenut
press 1 and/or 2 to drop. 2 is weaker btw
Use at your own risk
la maquina se mueve con las flechas normales y vuela con shift derecho

disfrta utilisarlo y te servira para niveles aereos
right and left arrow to move forward.right arrow to move right.left arrow to mowe left.
press l to fire h to reload
press l to fire moving up arow, down arrow, right arrow, leftarrow.
When you press left arrow or right arrow the structure becomes a big flower.
It can dance in the sky too.
It needs to be in godmode.
Machine controls : Q,E gun up, gun down. 1,2 control the turret (left right)
Arrow Keys for movement and "C" to fire cannons.
catapulte renforcée avec barre de métal
Move with the arrow keys. Hope you like it!
a centipede bot. Alternate the left and right arrow keys to walk. M and N to turn.
A turret. Press F for the shooting cam. Arrows to turn and tilt.
just like the crawler platform, but faster. T for better steering centering and P to unpin. Has suspension.
The upgraded, solid body, steering centering version.
a regular, center hinged monster truck.
a regular crawler with suspension. Press T for better steering centering and P to unpin.
a regular car platform with suspension.
this is a crawler platform. T for better steering and P to unpin.
Num Pad and Arrows to control
Used as little "heavy" modding as possible, having only changed the values on the crossbows and steam cannons beyond vanilla restraints; then simply used the building tools mod. Scaled pretty sure less than six blocks and just for aesthetics (in cockpit view). Uses vanilla mechanical RTC steering; they key here is its non-inverted cause I'm weird. F is to toggle to cockpit view, y is to start the engines as well as the flame throwers which ignite the arrows (turn on infinite ammo for sure, and arrows light a good percentage of the time), up down left right for steering. Pretty agile/manoeuvrable plane for it's size, does about 360 kph avg according to in game spedo
arrow keys to control F-1 car
decollo: "O"
Arrows - controls
more description there:
l.Shift - 2 broadcast
Arrows - controls
Arrows - up,left,right
flamethrowers much flamethrower...
Arrows - control
l.Ctrl - nitro
This machine have three wheels back and forth, it has nine flame throwers, three cannons at the top, two flying objects at the back for retreating
Hello you remember F1car it is revisited and now shoting.It is for zombies (sorry I don't have mod =-( ) and good bye thanks for downloading and good drive (or kill).
But error don't insult me i'm italian
this is my F1 this is good car and have steering work!! it is very very fast and have nitro.Bye,thanks for download and good drive
Steering: left and right up and down
guns:cannon and missile launcher z and x
reason why its build:For chasing and for draighast to revew
This is a really funny glitch and you have to use invincibility and infinite ammo for it to work. So have fun with it, and hope you enjoy the awesomeness that this is. Have Fun and Enjoy.
when I made this I wanted to make a besiege version of the famous robot manipulatrix.
it's y'all's decision if I failed or succeeded
drive type: all wheel tank
drive controls:
left wheels: r/f
right wheels: t/g

side to side: y/u
up/down: I/k
up/dwn arrow keys
left/right arrow keys

made with besiege 0.42b
peut transporter des bombe
No mods required! An attack helicopter with the ability to beat almost any level where you kill or shoot things with just it's onboard projecticle weaponry; I beat all of Ipsilon and most of Tobrynd with it. Highly rugged, can take dozens of axes and arrows before some sort of damage makes it unflyable.

If you don't understand the basic principles of helicopter piloting, google them before flying the aircraft

Controls: Movement
Start/Stop engine: I
Increase/Decrease Thrust W/S
Roll Left/Right Q/E
Yaw and Pitch: Arrow Keys
If smoke comes from engines decrease thrust
If on a ramming run you have insufficient control authority to lift off the ground, increase thrust.

Takeoff/Landing instructions: To Take off, activate engine and increase thrust. To land, decrease thrust until aircraft descends at a desired speed, optionally, arrest that speed by increasing thrust before touchdown.

Weapon Controls/Usage
Crossbows: (x26)
Fire Left crossbows: LShift
Fire Right crossbows: LControl
When strafing targets, for accuracy, hover in front of target and line up shots. Or strafe while moving and waste ammo. It's up to you.

Cannons: 1 and 3 to fire outer pairs, 2 to fire primary central pair, secondary central pair is linked to rockets.

Rockets: T to fire 2 rockets and cannons

Ramming: Preferably after crossbows are empty, cuz it involves sliding the logs they are mounted on along the ground. Using low engine power descend to the ground, pitch down, roll so that one side of the front of the gunship touches the ground and slide across, keeping track straight with yaw adjustments.

Use The Numpad To Control The Car. Use Numpad 8 To Move Forward. Use Numpad 4 To Move Left. Use Numpad 6 To Move Left.
Use Numpad 2 To Reverse Or Brake.
the controls are:
left=left arrow key
right=right arrow key
forward=up arrow key
backwards=down arrow key
steelorse si tu vois cet machine je te la dedie

les flèches directionnel
up down right left
ruski puksi stalin communist shower
??? ??? ?????? ??????? ????
????????(movement):countertclockwise(???????) up(?????),down(????),right(??????),left(?????)
V16 engine on track
V8 steam engine

-2:1 ratio gear
-power shaft with universal joint

leaf spring
Biggest Weapon
Forward/Backward : L ctrl/L Shift
Pitch/Yaw : Arrow keys
The Eagle is a mini carrier armed with a turret and a Super- Sonic Rocket.

Y,G,H,J:Mobe the Turret
F:Aim the rocket
U:Launch the rocket
Z,X:Move the enter of the cargo zone

You need Rocket mod/Flamethrower thrust mod!
press j to fire
Truck controls:
H:Up the carrier of grenades
G:Detonate the grenades.

Minion controls:
Y:activate flamethrowers
I,J,K,L:Move the minion.

Hope you like it!
Up , down , left , right to move .
8,5.4,6 to control the cannon .
Y to on ou off laser .
control the car with the arrows control the tower with , and .
control the car with the arrows control the tower with , and .
4,6 forward
1,3 backward arrow keys for left and right
arrow keys to fly
Y and X to rotate
arrow keys to drive
123 for cannons
456 for crossbows
KJ to raise rockets
H to launch rockets
hold Q to enable bomb thrower
TZ to move bomb thrower
R, then G to throw bomb
for jankespielt
for jankespielt
Controls arrows
Nitro T
Left/right arrow = profit

That' s my entry for the 72 contest by AvarethTaika on reddit

I'm uploading this on my workshop too
More stable version of Scorpion now with missiles
go up (t)
go down (g)
ballista (h)
missiles (comma)(period)(shift)
bombs 5,6,7,8
Controls :
Up (T)
Down (G)
Front,Back,Left,Right (Arrows)
bombs 5,6,7,8
????? ?????
shoots far,has a scope that works.and sthe sniper shoots! CONTROLS: C shoot F scop camera
A zepelin with alot of firepower

1, 2, 3 and 4 is Missiles
5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 is Bombs + missiles
C - Harpoons
Comma and Period to go up and down
Arrow keys to navigate
GIGAHORSE from Mad Max!!!
Made for Spoon. Use in zero-g. Invincibility helps, but shouldn't be necessary.
Artillery version of the Missile Carrier Vehicle. T and G for u and down, H and F for right and left. When starting, hold B to attach cannon to grabber. M to shoot.
Press Z, X, and C to fire missiles (3 individual missiles) . Arrow keys to control the vehicle itself. Q and E to raise and lower missile platform.
Press Z, X, and C to fire missiles (3 individual missiles) . Arrow keys to control the vehicle itself. Q and E to raise and lower missile platform.
Press Z, X, and C to fire missiles (3 individual missiles) . Arrow keys to control the vehicle itself. Q and E to raise and lower missile platform.