The copter fits in the boundary box, and has a rotating drill and saws on the bottom that can be exchanged for anything else, even a grabber for some missions! Very easy to control, stays upright 90% of time. Use in 50% or lower speed for control reasons.

Arrow Keys to pilot sideways: Up: forward, back: backwards, left/right: go left/right.
M to fly up (Hold while flying for inertial control help, use in bursts only, it's got a lot of lift power)
Do nothing with M to drop

It's a very stable creation. Remember that weaponry can severely weigh it down if you want to do stuff like that. It's perfectly balanced with four Quarter Engines, my design, that each have a spiral in every direction that, connected with welds, lift the entire thing and enable extreme control and keep it from tipping, a typical issue in the area where the only way to steer is to tip it.
l : activer les catapultes
Offroading Tank with missile launcher and added downforce!



LEFT: < OR <+V


Missiles: 1-9 + SHIFT
Cannon: C

This is a powerful little bomb that can be precisely aimed with the Translate Machine tool and dropped with T. It spins to drop bombs, and the later you press T the further they fly. Tip: Press T immediately after unpausing to become a Nuclear Missile.

WARNING: Play at 10-20% speed for better control.

T: Launch and release cluster bombs. For precision strike, put it to 0%, press T, then put it up to 20% and wait until it hits the ground for Nuke.

K: Remote Detonation.

B: Drop Warhead
Shhhh.... It's the spy launcher!
It has opening doors and an inner missile core.

Steer/Drive: Arrow Keys

Open Door: Hold M
Close Door: Hold N until they are aligned, then tap M to re-grab the grabbers.

Prime Missiles: Hold H, then press V and B to fire.

Self Destruct: Press B before anything else and wait a few seconds.
You can position it as you like and it flies okay, and is very fast. It can also serve as a ground vehicle and when lowered into the Boundary Box with the Translate Machine tool up top that looks like a plus with arrows on the ends and dragging the colored arrows that appear, it can be in actual levels. It is equipped with a bomb.


Up arrow: Fly Forward/Up a little
Down arrow: Turn downwards
Left/Right: Steer (The machine must be forward-ed again to change direction)

V to manually drop bomb (Not recommended unless you want to fly normally. You ARE a smart missile anyways.)

Cams: F/G (Forwards, you must press Up to activate F)
H: Precision Drop Rear View
J: Upwards view (For a reference to what's below you when flying horizontally above a target)

Please like and/or comment what you think of it! The boundary box was an accident, i just made it in Sandbox :P
to rocket on press r-ctrl and arrow.
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No Image But Nice Rocket :)
My updated version...

Steering: Left/Right arrow keys

Driving: Up arrow/Down arrow

Warning: VERY LAGGY. It fits in the Boundary Box though, if you want to.

Missiles: D,F,G,H, J,K,L V,B,N (IN ORDER unless you want to kill yourself.)

B+N: Self Destruct

Has upgraded Steering.
A big, tanky missile launcher with Spiral Steering and an extra 24 missiles. WARNING- MAY BE LAGGY

Up arrow: forwards
down arrow: reverse
Left/right keys: Steering (While driving only. Only works on the move.)

D,F,G,H: Top 2 Rocket Pods (24 load)
J,K,L: Middle Rockets (9 load)
V,B,N: Bottom Rockets (9 Load)

Self Destruct: F+G+H / K+L / B+N
Fires 6 bursts of missiles. Has tons of armor so hard to destroy. The only issue is the steering.

Driving: Up arrow to go forward, Back arrow to reverse, side arrow keys to steer

WARNING: Shoot in order of J,K,L or V,B,N specifically, or it self destructs!
Top row: j,k,l
Bottom row: V,B,N
Be careful! press V, then B, then N, or J, then K, then L, unless you wanna rain shrapnel everywhere.
(Really, try it. Press B then N to self destruct and destroy whatever is around you. Good for The Queen's Fodder.)
I decided to upload this because why not? ;)
Go forward- Arrow up
Go left- Arrow left
Go right- Arrow right
Go backward- Arrow down
Go up- X
Go down- Y
Thow bombs- 1,2,3,4
? ????????? ?????????
t,g, ?,?,?,?, /,8,5
my new steering
i think its decent
Amazing car
Arrow key up and down to fly up or down
Arrow key left and right to pitch and roll

Plane without skins
Arrow Keys to Drive
If the steering mechanism breaks so much, try invincible mode.
tower:nomber keyboard
tower machinegun: nomber keyboard(6)
machinegun: nomber keyboard(4)
canon: nomber keyboard(0)
camera: 1,2,3,4
Slice them all! My first machine.

1 and 2 to raise and lower the blades
[ or ] to spin the blades
Directional keys to move.
G, H, J and B, V, C to shoot cannons.
steering - arrow keys
weapon front 1 - 1
weapon front 2 - 2
weapon back 1 - 3
weapon back 2 - 4
Rocket front - 5 (following camera f4)
Rocket up - 6 (following camera f5)

camera points - 0 , 9 , 8 , 7 , (f4 and f5 for the rockets)

its fun to play in invincibility mode and infinite ammo (this way weapon 3 can be used as booster if spammed)
made By: Gaspodar
Its just the first day im playing besiege so i build this.
F= toggle camera
R= hovering
and the rest is just with the arrow keys.

enjoy :)
If wanted use the steampunk skin pack.
Controls: Up arrow = forward
Down arrow = backwards
Left arrow = left
Right arrow = right
C = shoot cannons
Cannons: c
Streeting: left and right and up down
Ceci est une forteresse fixée sur les rochers volants dans la nouvelle sandbox. ;)
8 caméras sont disponibles, certaines pour admirer les paysages, d'autres pour suivre les différents ascenseurs ou les téléphériques.
(8 camera are avaliable to see landscapes, or to be in elevator/ cable car)
pour la passerelle caméra 1 : 2 pour descendre et 5 pour monter
pour l'assenseur caméra 2 : B pour monter N pour déscendre
panorama caméra 3
panorama caméra 4
téléphérique caméra 5 : Z pour avancer, Q pour revenir
passerelle caméra 6
téléphérique caméra 7 : P pour avancer, O pour redescendre
assenseur et panorama caméra 8 : G pour monter, F pour redescendre
up and down for the car
Active water cannons = U
Active Fire = F
Canonns = C
modify RC car, modify to your limits or the RC car limits modify by 11 and made by 11 have fun enjoy
1 and 2 make the torrets move up up and down for car
T = Shoot bomb
The Most Complicated Machine I Ever Created!
So yea good luck finding the controls!
this is a simple walker with 4 legs. moves pretty well. though you have to be slow with it.
Use the arrow key to move :

-> to go right
<- to go left
up to go forward
down to go backward

Use control to fly
Use B to activate central flamethrower
Tower defense game,play on wyrnth (something like that) keep aka last level on first island.start waves of foes with in this order:
enter,Right shift and back space.Hopeu like it.PS soryy for no pic.
Hovercraft that has flame throwers and works!!!
arrow key to control
0 to speed boost
My walker so far. Just trying to transfer it from old laptop to new pc.
stright: water cannon
ready: fire cannon
caga con c t
infierno con y
mover con las flechas
Steering ringe= N and M
Canons= C or V or B
Circular Saws= H for pistons
Flame Thrower= Y
Car moviments= Up and Down, Left and Right
For the Odd Contraption level. Q for left, E for right. ;)
This thing has 8 flamethrowers that can destroy anything within 150 meters and a rocket that has the explosion power 50 times of regular size. It can flip and unflip it self. And it can beat all of the levels on IPSILON.
um canhão alto não tem mais oque falar dele
player 1 uses RTY, FGH, VBN
player 2 uses 789, 456, 123
SHIFT -To fly

UP ARROW KEY - To move forward

DOWN ARROW KEY-To move back

LEFT & RIGHT KEY -To move left & right
Show off your turret with this , the turret consists of 2 rockets and also 2 cannons if you waste one of them.

Q = Right
E = Left
R = Lift turret up
T = Lift turret down
1 = Right Rocket Fire
2 = Left Rocket Fire
3 = Right Cannon
4 = Left Cannon
Use the keypad to do simple moves, use J L I and K as keypad to do advanced moves
Use the up and down arrows to control the elevation
Use 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 to use the weapons
Use N to drop the bombs
New steering system ! New gun / flamethrower system! One can increase the suspension will then get 2 ! In short, the latest technology friends ;-) ! But sorry , I can not find photography
right and left to advance
c to fire canon
b and n to move the arms
It is fast and hope you like it thank you if you try it sponser it id you are a youtuber thank you :)
by pranshu viceroy
this is not accurate (i know the method to make accurate one but needs some time nd it will be awfully slow)

move with arrows in a zig zag patern . stop when bobms start to lean
to launch bomb-
first press H nd let the back be lifted . then press 1 or 2 to delip either bomb nd then press z/c to move up nd to stop in mid air use x/c
the front part is also declipable .
you can add your own whicle to front (use the base i designed) (if you modify pls give me credit-pranshu viceroy)
this macheine is awsome just a bit of practise
run it at 20-40%
i didnt have the new version of game(i have v3)it will compatible all updates.
enjoy using it
move =????
roket's angle = t, f, g, h
roket fire = 1 , 2 , ... , 9
canon fire = c, b
steam power UP to go foward down to go back left go left right go right q/e to raise those thingk in it
v to fire rockets u+i to move rockets c=cannon y=flame thrower t=Chinese rocket arrows to move HAVE FUN
LOLOL i built freesby LOLO
la mia prima macchina
A hi-tech (not really) miniture helicopter that can destroy entire worlds.
The reason it says V2 when you download and load it is because I originally started with the Go-Kart v2 by Battlekuh (Go check it out!) with lots of bombs on it. I then decided to make a custom nuke by it self and give it a (kinda strange looking) mushroom cloud. Instructions: Install into SavedMachines file in Besiege_Data then load it up in game and set the time scale up at the top left to 0%. Go into the settings and click the fire icon. Click the translate button up the top and move it to the place you want it to blow up. Click play and click around the middle top of the nuke until the bombs vanish and it creates an orange glow. Set time scale to 1% to 50% for best experience and watch the destruction!
4;1 chenille droite
5;2 chenille gauche
7 tendre les chenilles
c tirer
arrow keys- is the movement
h-extend arm
v-release bomb
lol this was my last version of the warcar enjoy!

This was made exclusively for the "Scrap Challenge"

Use invincibility mode
Press F immediately after starting the simulation
Up arrow to go forward
Down arrow to go backwards
Left arrow to go left
Right arrow to go right
I didn't spent a lot of time on this, and surprisingly, it works!
up,down,left,right..........................DON`T PRASS V!!!!!!!!!!!!!
conttrols are:
forth arows

please like and dont forget to combine it with weapons and share it on

good luck :)

pest its only for V0.27
Its cool try it
Easy to use, fun to see, enjoy :D
this sticks to the wall like glue!!! controls: x wallclimb mode, t,f,g,h driving
this is pure rage controls: hold x to start, t,f,g,h for pitch and roll.
controls 12-46-85. it was very easy to make
Bonjour voici les commandes:

4 et 6 du numpad pour faire pivoter le bras

1 et 7 2 et 8 pour monter/descendre le bras

fleches directionnels pour se déplacer

Et pour les armes 1 2 3 4 5 6 des numéros au dessus du clavier voila

Amusez vous
try it if you wan't it's very very simpel

overturn 8 and 2
5 ride on walls