Hovercraft that has flame throwers and works!!!
arrow key to control
0 to speed boost
My walker so far. Just trying to transfer it from old laptop to new pc.
stright: water cannon
ready: fire cannon
caga con c t
infierno con y
mover con las flechas
Steering ringe= N and M
Canons= C or V or B
Circular Saws= H for pistons
Flame Thrower= Y
Car moviments= Up and Down, Left and Right
For the Odd Contraption level. Q for left, E for right. ;)
This thing has 8 flamethrowers that can destroy anything within 150 meters and a rocket that has the explosion power 50 times of regular size. It can flip and unflip it self. And it can beat all of the levels on IPSILON.
um canhão alto não tem mais oque falar dele
player 1 uses RTY, FGH, VBN
player 2 uses 789, 456, 123
SHIFT -To fly

UP ARROW KEY - To move forward

DOWN ARROW KEY-To move back

LEFT & RIGHT KEY -To move left & right
Show off your turret with this , the turret consists of 2 rockets and also 2 cannons if you waste one of them.

Q = Right
E = Left
R = Lift turret up
T = Lift turret down
1 = Right Rocket Fire
2 = Left Rocket Fire
3 = Right Cannon
4 = Left Cannon
Use the keypad to do simple moves, use J L I and K as keypad to do advanced moves
Use the up and down arrows to control the elevation
Use 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 to use the weapons
Use N to drop the bombs
New steering system ! New gun / flamethrower system! One can increase the suspension will then get 2 ! In short, the latest technology friends ;-) ! But sorry , I can not find photography
right and left to advance
c to fire canon
b and n to move the arms
It is fast and hope you like it thank you if you try it sponser it id you are a youtuber thank you :)
by pranshu viceroy
this is not accurate (i know the method to make accurate one but needs some time nd it will be awfully slow)

move with arrows in a zig zag patern . stop when bobms start to lean
to launch bomb-
first press H nd let the back be lifted . then press 1 or 2 to delip either bomb nd then press z/c to move up nd to stop in mid air use x/c
the front part is also declipable .
you can add your own whicle to front (use the base i designed) (if you modify pls give me credit-pranshu viceroy)
this macheine is awsome just a bit of practise
run it at 20-40%
i didnt have the new version of game(i have v3)it will compatible all updates.
enjoy using it
move =????
roket's angle = t, f, g, h
roket fire = 1 , 2 , ... , 9
canon fire = c, b
steam power UP to go foward down to go back left go left right go right q/e to raise those thingk in it
v to fire rockets u+i to move rockets c=cannon y=flame thrower t=Chinese rocket arrows to move HAVE FUN
LOLOL i built freesby LOLO
la mia prima macchina
A hi-tech (not really) miniture helicopter that can destroy entire worlds.
The reason it says V2 when you download and load it is because I originally started with the Go-Kart v2 by Battlekuh (Go check it out!) with lots of bombs on it. I then decided to make a custom nuke by it self and give it a (kinda strange looking) mushroom cloud. Instructions: Install into SavedMachines file in Besiege_Data then load it up in game and set the time scale up at the top left to 0%. Go into the settings and click the fire icon. Click the translate button up the top and move it to the place you want it to blow up. Click play and click around the middle top of the nuke until the bombs vanish and it creates an orange glow. Set time scale to 1% to 50% for best experience and watch the destruction!
4;1 chenille droite
5;2 chenille gauche
7 tendre les chenilles
c tirer
arrow keys- is the movement
h-extend arm
v-release bomb
lol this was my last version of the warcar enjoy!

This was made exclusively for the "Scrap Challenge"

Use invincibility mode
Press F immediately after starting the simulation
Up arrow to go forward
Down arrow to go backwards
Left arrow to go left
Right arrow to go right
I didn't spent a lot of time on this, and surprisingly, it works!
up,down,left,right..........................DON`T PRASS V!!!!!!!!!!!!!
conttrols are:
forth arows

please like and dont forget to combine it with weapons and share it on http://www.besiegedownloads.com/

good luck :)

pest its only for V0.27
Its cool try it
Easy to use, fun to see, enjoy :D
this sticks to the wall like glue!!! controls: x wallclimb mode, t,f,g,h driving
this is pure rage controls: hold x to start, t,f,g,h for pitch and roll.
controls 12-46-85. it was very easy to make
Bonjour voici les commandes:

4 et 6 du numpad pour faire pivoter le bras

1 et 7 2 et 8 pour monter/descendre le bras

fleches directionnels pour se déplacer

Et pour les armes 1 2 3 4 5 6 des numéros au dessus du clavier voila

Amusez vous
try it if you wan't it's very very simpel

overturn 8 and 2
5 ride on walls

heu debrouillez vous
this is the purpose of besiege

move arrow keys,turn canon f and g fire it by using c boosts f
this machine can withstand bombs, cannons, fire and all that stuff without the need for invincibility mode. Need to get past suicidal yaks? use it, need to get up the mountain past archers? use it. When you are flipped over, just press 1 or 2 to flip back
this is a wallclimbing car it sticks to the wall roof and other things controls: arrow keys and c to activate wallclimb mode.
Just a test
R then E to put the knight in the car, drive with arrow keys
I advise you not to try it :D
Works only in 0 grevity and invincble
it is a glich
press a button (cause i don't know how to control it)
voiture qui roule et vol simple pour lamusement
Destroy city!!!
this can fly and shoot and bomb
this has a modded strong weapon with steam
this has a modded strong weapon with steam
it can shoot rockets and it has two cannons and cameras
this can fly and shoot its pretty fast controls: x turbo boost, tfgh pitch and roll ,right andleft arrow key shoot j lift
this is a army car with weapons :-)
this is a alfa romeo 1:1
this machine is like a small car enjoyed
Arrow keys to move
Y for flames
T for water
a tank with 2 cannons and a pretty protected frame can drive pretty fast and has big eyes on the front it also has a hole on the bottom back end of the vehicle and you know what that is used for if you are a fan of tanks

controls arrow keys
cannons c

have fun!
i guess?
Hello there, this is my first upload. It may be risky to fly it, anyways,please comment and rate. Thank You.
Press Return
Work It Out
Press Return
look at it
SOOOOO god damm biiiiiiig!!!!!!!!!!
o = Fly
v = drop the hell
? = Secret bomb
U and J tail control
No Weapons on it...

1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9 - Tilt
5 - Ascend
0 - Decend
. - Camera
Enter - Cut Main Engine
* - Alternate Engine #1 (Toggle)
/ - Alternate Engine #2 (Toggle)

[NOT Numpad]
Right Shift - Turbo Main Engine
Left - Rotate Left
Right - Rotate Right
(L) to fire
(1 not on keypad) medium shot block
(2 not on keypad) long shot block
(1,2,3 and L)trigger at the same time for edge to edge shot raise block

Do not raise if you want a short shot
use up down left right shoot cannons- c hope you like- cant turn very well
just watch
up arrow to go left arrow to turn left right arrow to turn right c and v to shoot cannon
heres a improved grapplinghook that can drive
requirements: invincibility mode,
Highly Customize-able
transform: right control-rigt shift
saw mode: L + transform-O

tip: left arow=donut
I used this beast to complete every mission in game.
Vehicle can move in standing position and be able to turn left and right,moving back and foward
Weapons: 30 cannons,15 rockets,the "spider tongue",little vehicle can be drop out the main machine carrying 2 huge bombs drived my 2 rockets to the target you want.

H: for Spider Tongue
G: to active the main pistions to reach tranf. 1 and 2
Numbers: every number is used for shooting cannons and rockets,and to controll them. (keypad included)
C: press it at start to prevent little robot in the back to touch the ground.
Many more are listed in game
L to shoot catapult c to shoot cannon y to shoot flames v to detach missiles t to fire missiles back arrow to move forward up arrow to move back
Forward, Backward, Turning left/right-[KEYS:UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT]

NOTE: You will get the hang of it once you play with it for a while. I made this machine all by myself [all rights reserved] jks you can do whatever you want with it.

MADE BY: VantaBl/\ck