Press Return
look at it
SOOOOO god damm biiiiiiig!!!!!!!!!!
o = Fly
v = drop the hell
? = Secret bomb
U and J tail control
No Weapons on it...

1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9 - Tilt
5 - Ascend
0 - Decend
. - Camera
Enter - Cut Main Engine
* - Alternate Engine #1 (Toggle)
/ - Alternate Engine #2 (Toggle)

[NOT Numpad]
Right Shift - Turbo Main Engine
Left - Rotate Left
Right - Rotate Right
(L) to fire
(1 not on keypad) medium shot block
(2 not on keypad) long shot block
(1,2,3 and L)trigger at the same time for edge to edge shot raise block

Do not raise if you want a short shot
use up down left right shoot cannons- c hope you like- cant turn very well
just watch
up arrow to go left arrow to turn left right arrow to turn right c and v to shoot cannon
heres a improved grapplinghook that can drive
requirements: invincibility mode,
Highly Customize-able
transform: right control-rigt shift
saw mode: L + transform-O

tip: left arow=donut
I used this beast to complete every mission in game.
Vehicle can move in standing position and be able to turn left and right,moving back and foward
Weapons: 30 cannons,15 rockets,the "spider tongue",little vehicle can be drop out the main machine carrying 2 huge bombs drived my 2 rockets to the target you want.

H: for Spider Tongue
G: to active the main pistions to reach tranf. 1 and 2
Numbers: every number is used for shooting cannons and rockets,and to controll them. (keypad included)
C: press it at start to prevent little robot in the back to touch the ground.
Many more are listed in game
L to shoot catapult c to shoot cannon y to shoot flames v to detach missiles t to fire missiles back arrow to move forward up arrow to move back
Forward, Backward, Turning left/right-[KEYS:UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT]

NOTE: You will get the hang of it once you play with it for a while. I made this machine all by myself [all rights reserved] jks you can do whatever you want with it.

MADE BY: VantaBl/\ck
That is easy controlling
Also,i have made the suicide bombers creation & this creation can be aimed where you want
to fire bombs: first press y to turn on water canon and adjust heigh by / and * . then pres and hold left control to fire bombs. Use 1 2 3 4 5 6 to use other weapons
Flying ship with bombs, nuke and cannons. It moves perfectly.

French production from me.
First person view - f
shoot - 1,2,3,4
O And P To Rotate The Crane
N And M To Lower And Raise The Grabber
Arrow Keys To Move
keep tapping L to contract the wires/ropes and then you will bounce and stuff, hold L to stabilize and go back together! :D have fun!

A newbie made this
hello guys, if you download this creation, i hope you like it and also, there is a little bit problem.... it broke sometimes and if you want to make it invincible, make it invincible

how it works:
well this catapult reload and ill tell you how to reload
1 and 2 for up and down and 9 for drop
This is just a simple vehicle using the new rocket / firework blocks .
If any one could modify this pls do I dont have much time to do it but heres my idea.
Arrow keys to move .
Z and X to move the rocket holders .
T and Y to shoot the rockets .
O and P /U and I to aim the rockets .
Machine for challenge
Link to it: V

Automatically flies. Just build your machine to shoot it.
Machine for challenge
Link to it: V

Automatically flies. Just build your machine to shoot it.
Machine for challenge
Link to it: V

Automatically flies. Just build your machine to shoot it.
Machine for challenge
Link to it: V

Automatically flies. Just build your machine to shoot it.
Machine for challenge
Link to it: V

Automatically flies. Just build your machine to shoot it.
Simple but pretty cool car.
Its a robot hand with a box in the back and it is desinged to pick up stuff.

Hold any 2 or 3 arrow keys to acrobat !!!
Hold any 2 or 3 arrow keys to acrobat !!!


boost: O
The most powerful tank of my creation

Currently Alpha version

Press up and down to move
Press M Bring doom ( Autodestruction )
Press v and K to fire the Sawed off VK Firestorm Cannon

Enjoy it as i did

Arrows to control vehicle
12345 to shoot cannons
z and x to move cannon 1
c to lock cannon 1 and to unlock
h for off-road driving

you are able to build whatever u want to the tank and add or improve it. If you think u improved it upload it and email me the name of the creation. If you added anything be sure to put me in the description @BL4CKPH4R4OH

email: [email protected]
There is no control but it explodes well and grieve lague
1 to turn on the water thingy
y to turn on the fire
and only in zero gravity mode is available for now
and only in Sandbox mode
?? ?????? ?????????? ?????????? ?? ??? ????!
heres new.
arrows to move
M to unwind
N to wind
V to release the bomb
H to go down
left shift is go,up is up,down is down,left and right is left and right
with invinsebilety on start tighten the trcks then you can turn of invinseblity
4 to shoot only one bullet
Sword: z,c,v,b,n,m
Shield: f,g,h,j,k,l

PS:you want me to make something?
mail me or ask me on facebook.
Mail: [email protected]
Facebook: jordi geven
engage decorations: y

rolling the ball: left arrow

J to detach rt Forward (Missiles) fg Backwards (Missiles) 1 2 3 Missile launch 4 5 6 cannons k raise missiles, i lower missiles
Num 5 + Num 6 Forwards (Wall Climber) Num 2 +Num 3 Backwards (Wall Climber) 8 raise cannons Sideways , 9 lower angle
0 higher angle x c cannons (Wall Climber) H extend pistons , q extend sideways pistons ( Missile Launcher)
This is not my original design , The missile Launcher was taken from someone else, forgive me as i have forgotten his name, i only modified his Missile Launcher Very slightly ( Original Name Was ROCKETERS) and i have also added the wall climber
This vehicle fits in the building box
press shift
long range bow
12345678 => canons
y => water canon ?
? ? ? ? => moving
It has a tendency to pitch up
O - Thrust
Left and RIght arrow key- to move elevator and ailerons
Hello! :D

Yes, a 4-4-0 locomotive. If you haven't seen it already, go check out my other 4-4-0 engine in my workshop (Nathan_Oneday) for details on what a "4-4-0" is and what that even means, as well as details on how they were used :)

This is a more accurate attempt at a 4-4-0, and it includes steering as well as steam powered propulsion- albeit not the way locomotives normally have it, however it's still "steam-powered" in Besiege terms.



-Forwards/Backwards to move

-Left/Right to turn

Simple as that! If the torches powering the steam cannons burn out, it can still roll, however it'll be exponentially slower. This unfortunately is a flaw I've yet to work out.

control with:

<- turn left turn right ->

<- -> go forward

v go backward
Arrow Up to drive forwards,
Arrow Down to disengage clutch
Left.Right to steer
lctrl to break
This is just a simple concept that could turn into something really cool :) try it out! (VERY fun on queens fodder or any map that has a lot of people to kill >:D ).

Arrow keys nothing else
up and down
c to fire cannon
this machine use the water guns with fire .

Controls: Y to to run

arrow keys to rotate
I and O to Hover,
Arrow keys to move sideways
T and Y to rotate turret,
G and H to lift turret,
C to shoot missiles,
F to shoot cannons,
Alweas shoot missiles first
hey this is a reinforced grappling hook enjoy :)
hey this is a reinforced grappling hook enjoy :)
no description juste démerde toi lol
this is a better grappling hook version i hope you all enjoy :)
The plane that won the war.
o t propeller left and right tocontroll
For use: press <^> to move the machine press Y for the flamethrowers
dooo ittt
and c for cannons!
hey guys this is a grapplinng hook and a new update is out check it out its cool
this i a flying or floating car enjoy :)
hey guys that is the ollie sphero you can do tricks with it and drive it around
hey guys this is my first machine.
move front:front arrow
move back:back arrow
turn left:left arrow
turn right:right arrow
Arrow keys to move
Good for destroying yaks and peeps
judt hit L once in a while
A v8 engine. wait 6 seconds before pressing y or it will not work to full potential. this is not made by some nub who discovered that steam cannons produce recoil and made a nonrealistic engine. this solves all that. the engine is 2 stroke.
This is a unique little copter I made without using any mods. It's a single-tread tank that, despite being unable to steer on its own, is quite maneuverable as a copter. Its uniqueness comes from the fact that it's a flying tank, for one thing: and two because it uses the actual tank tread to pitch forward and backward.

--> READ THIS! <--
BEFORE STARTING THE TANK, SET ALL PISTONS TO 'TOGGLE' MODE! Also, switch the topmost wheels in each propeller to 'automatic'.
Tank Controls:
UP arrow to move forward
DOWN arrow to move backward

Quadcopter Controls:
Z to fly upward
X to fly downward
UP arrow to pitch backward
DOWN arrow to pitch forward
LEFT arrow to turn left
RIGHT arrow to turn right

Enjoy messing around with it. :)
MAde a hammer. hammer stuff with it. :) arows to move press v then mash c to deploy hammer. infinite ammo and invicible are needed
just watch
Feel free to use this in your creations, but if you use it, please upload it to this site. Controls are simple: up-forward, down-backward, left-left, right-right.
Have fun!
The original version is what I saw on one of the Draegast's videos, but I dk who made it.
This airplane, built in an hour or two, uses the ballasts to balance itself; it's near impossible to crash this plane. Vertical axis is controlled by cutting or starting the propellers and horizontal axis is controlled by two propellers in the front on hinges controlled with the "left" and "right" buttons. Does not fit in the required building box but was made without godmode.
it's a robot fight: player 1 control: arrow keys and :0,(.),1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 for weapons...
player 2 control: i,j,k,l for move and r,t,y,f,g,h,v,b,n for weapons... sorry I'm french i dont speak english very well

c'est un fight entre robot qui se joue a 2( si tu invite mika ou autre...)
joueur 1 controle: flèche pour se deplacer, et 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 . pour les armes, les bras...
joueur 2 controle: i k j l pour se deplacer, r t y f g h v b n pour les armes et tout ....
j'espère que tu vas montrer ma creation lors de ta prochaine video sur besiege. bon jeux!
My first : 3 enjoy!
num pad 1-3, del= gears
up= gas
rshift= clutch
rctrl= brake
My first machine : 3 enjoy!
clutch- r shift
gas pedal- up
brake- r ctrl
1-3 gear- num 1-3
reverse- num del
god needed!
A cannon that fires bombs at long range. Five shots. My initial prototypes used more of a slingshot-type design, but I eventually decided steam works much better to propell stuff. It doesn't necessarily need to fire bombs, you can load it with whatever you want.

Aim with arrow keys, turn on steam with Y, fire by holding N.
Controls: Start Steam:y arrow keys for control fly:O
this is a burner I made and I'm just re-uploading it from before when It got deleted ;-;