Find it out yourself.
Have fun ;)

(invincible mode needed)

just push letter y then there you go
Use the directional keys to adjust the inclination of the machine, ''b'' and ''n'' for the yaw axis, ''1'' ''2'' ''3'' to bomb."Left shift" to go up and "control" to go down !
1n2 to transform
y for flametrowers
arrow keys to move
Ram everything on your way and squish them with your wheels and be
the boss of rampage!


1. 3 cannons
this race has a few weapons on it.
go up:up Arrow
go down:down Arrow
go left:left Arrow
go right:right Arrow
Automatic, best use on queens fodder. triggers when a knight tries to fight a saw...
? ???? ??????????.
arrow keys to move
c for cannon
y for flamethrower
v to drop bomb
h to extend arm
This is my first time uploading and even making a machine with suspension so I hope you like it

right and left arrow key down to go forward
back arrow key to go backwards
to turn hold right/left and backwards arrow key down
if you are stuck hold L and the machine will tighten the springs
The water cannons are pointing forwards, but somehow the car moves the other direction.
hold H then slighlty after hold L then press k when ever you feel

- is thing on the backside up and enter is down
Up is go forwards down is go backwards
left is go left right is go right

Helicopter that is full stable!

Controls: Takeoff button: down
Go down button: up
Kill your self : left and right

Het werkt super goed. Ne
It works good. EN
Steam engine

Press y to start the motor and its go ride!
Up U
Left Down Right H J K

U= Go Up
H+K= Turn left and right
J=Drop all bombs

Up/Left/Down/Right= tilt Flyer that whay
Aim and press L ;-)
Itsa car steering made by me and it is pretty much it, u can do whatever u want with it,build a car,jeep or something like that CONTROLS : arrow keys to drive
L to fire
H to raise
N to tighten winch, M to loosen. V to fire.
Has tank controls, uses the numpad: 7 and 4 for the left side, 8 and 5 for the right side
shuten fire ball with l and k aim with left end right and Y,H,N,B,V
move machine- left arrow and right arrow. fire missle left control... q and e is a surprise
arrows and t and g
t and g plus arrows
t and g plus arrows
arrow keys t and g
easy control

fly up=o
to go right and left directionnal arrow right and left
you can see the contrrols on the controls list

and this machine is very cool and for killing only

ground type

normal controls
This crazy contraption is made with wooden blocks and heaps of flame throwers.
if crowds of soldiers are coming near you wait until there are heaps in range then let it rip!!
it will destroy itself but will make a big fire exploding and scorching nearly everybody IN SIGHT!!!!

This Machine Is AWESOME!!!
a flying flipping quad copter. the controls- hold f to stay in the air. arrow keys to move around. to back flip is x. c is to front flip
c to shot the missile.
b and n to move the missile
up down left right arrow keys to control.
Have Fun
<div style="background-color:green;width:100px;height:100px"></div>
Controls down=t forward=8 backward=2 left=4 right=6 you can do the controls what you want
forward: up
back: down
left: left
Controls from the direction keys, simple as that!
Come along and take the path from the village(to open path click C) to the down station go on the cart. start climbing(to start the cable car hold T) and lock the station behind you(click on H) when you get to the upper station lock yourself in the station(click on K) and go down the stairs and pray for the holy statue :D
Has all the items in the 'weapons' category on it except the bomb. See controls in the game; run at 20%.
Has all 'weapon' category items on it except the bomb. See controls in game; run at 20%!
Simple lowriders s system up=num5 rear=num2 front=num8 left=num4 right=num6
Lawn Mower

Left, Down, Up, Right to steer
controls: left,right,both it can climb almost anything
controls: left, right, both, j to EXPLODE!!!!!!!
c left right
up down left right
my frist creation
v to shoot
V: raise tail
B: lower tail
Arrow Keys: movement
C: extend tail
Searching For Challenges... Comment Yours And I'll Build It .. Also The File Has A Drunk Robot... Soz .. Still In Development..
Best Machine

Press 1 to active machine
Pretty much what you think of it as...

Press C to fire the cannons.... (Why would you do that?)
Steps to using this Thing...

Make sure you have infinite Ammo ON!
You wait...

The reason why the Cannons fire automatically is becaus ethey are heated up...
You know that I know that when a cannon heats up it fires..
so this nuke takes that and exploits it to do this.
it is a plane that flies straight and u can drop bombs.
dponload and use it infrint of any of ur friend u wull find the seret press right or left i dont ramember
A bug cause the wheel to warble and turn.
press space and enjoy!!!
Left wheels 7 and 1.
Right wheels 9 and 3.
Open hatch 8 close hatch 2.
Shovel right, left.
Cannon c.
Pistons h.
Flame thrower y.
arrow keys to move
hold both left and right arrow key for boost
If any of you remember my last humvee, you'll know that it's pretty ugly, and needs lots of work. So I decided to make it not look like a scrap heap, and used military humvee blueprints to make this. I hope you all enjoy.
Fixed steering system
Redesigned turret
Fixed aesthetics
Up = forward
Down = backwards
Left = left
Right = right
If reposting, credit me.
MADE BY LeMinecraftian!
This is a mini game in game. You are the knight in the champion. You defeat the knight, some targets (ballon, circle) and defeat the Heavy Knight Lord!

control key:
1 arrow keys is use in horse: up-down go forward- back, right left key left-right turning.
2. J and L is turning left-right the knight
3. I and K turning up-down the lance

Good luck and have fun :)
1 2 3
m n b
Sterowanie strza?ki
Mi?ej zabawy :D
controls are simple arrow keys to drive o to shot the rocket
Left wheels forward 7, back 1.
Right wheels forward 9, back 3.
Drop spike balls h.
put the unlimited ammo on.set the scale to 0%.then spamm the c button and then set the scale to 6%-15%
This is my first motorcycle i have made and I am pretty happy with it!
Controls: Y (to put out the torches).
Num pad controls: [4], [6] to turn, [8], [5] to accelerate or go backwards, [-], [+] to lower the stability weels. [enter] to flame the exhaust pipe.

Enjoy :D
norm car

Up for forward
Down for backwards
Right to turn right
Left to turn left
an normal plane if u learn how to controll it it will be easy or else it will be hard make sure to check controls because i forgot them
this is my flying walker although its a little hard to call a walker im having a bit of trouble controlling it during flight but the controls are O to fly Q to use left pistons and E to use right piston if you press Q and E and hold O all at the same time you will take off.
H - flap!
J/L - roll
I/K - pitch
the arrows
basic controls
super good suspension
Invincible mode

Doesnt Work that good if no Invincibility
warning lagy and can freeze
not my creation
arrow keys
x for thruster
c for vtol
need rocketmod
Left and right are forward. Its a WIP just a basic walker (that's cute)
Just nothing XD
its fire proof to oil or fire and its so awsome
press h if you falling or flying or your running from bombs
and leave a like took me 4 hours guys to think and make this
5 Bladed driller with very simple controls: up=forward down=back left=left right=right and return as to start driller (press/hold)
its my first machine so be gentle to me! :P the controls are simple, press N go up and M to go down! enjoy<3<3<3
It's A Dragster From Mad Max (Maybe)
It's a Cool Dragster that has a Full Speed movin'
Press Up Arrow For Acceleration
Press Left & Right Arrow For Turnin'
And Press J for Eject the Spike Ball
The truck can klimbe and is like a tank.
Metal Gear Rex