My first : 3 enjoy!
num pad 1-3, del= gears
up= gas
rshift= clutch
rctrl= brake
My first machine : 3 enjoy!
clutch- r shift
gas pedal- up
brake- r ctrl
1-3 gear- num 1-3
reverse- num del
god needed!
A cannon that fires bombs at long range. Five shots. My initial prototypes used more of a slingshot-type design, but I eventually decided steam works much better to propell stuff. It doesn't necessarily need to fire bombs, you can load it with whatever you want.

Aim with arrow keys, turn on steam with Y, fire by holding N.
Controls: Start Steam:y arrow keys for control fly:O
this is a burner I made and I'm just re-uploading it from before when It got deleted ;-;
[0]-[9] cannons
1 and 2 to aim
arrows to move
This is rocket with 2 stages.You need:
Zero Gravity,
Drag Objects ,
Invinity Ammo.
The Controls:
1:For First Stage
2 For Second Stage
you can place a knight on the top.
stay cool
Have Fun....
controls t f g h
You can not move but if you can defend
c guns
h for the pistons

y flamethrowers

Sorry there is no option for this machine
It is a nuke that i made in 5 mins. The point is in the back but is doesn't matter that much.
There's not a nuclear missile. sorry
A simple flying contraption that helped me through many levels. I always found planes hard to build and use, but this works flawlessly. The controls are relatively simple. Have fun!
This is a simple, user-friendly steam-powered hovercraft!This is my first upload, so don't expect greatness and feel free to modify.

left-right arrows to steer
z to activate engine

Do not try tot flip this machine or do any tricks, as the torch will be extinguished
This is my first design, so go easy on me.This is a steam engine that that powers a simple hovercraft-the direction the gear points, it moves. use at around 150-180% speed

left/right arrow to steer
z to activate steam engine

Have fun and enjoy:)
Q & E activate/deactivate car mode
car controlled w/ numpad

Z & C control prop angle,
shift: thrust up
ctrl: thrust down
up & down: Pitch
left & right: roll
A large tank that isn't only a slow moving mine sweeper, but it's also a missile battery.

T - Tighten tracks
FGH - Drive (tank movement)
OL - Aim rockets up/down
UIJK- Fire rockets

Have fun and sorry about me being unable to get a screenshot.
It is a stable quadcopter capable of completeing the first 30 levels. It's inspired by the MK 2 heli bomber series (a great video on youtube that shows amazing quadcopter creations). It has 3 bombs, a canon, a water canon, and a buggy.
The arrow keys to control the airship + "O,L" to go up and down;
To deploy the buggy press "j";
"T,G,F,H" to control the buggy;
"C" is to fire the cannon;
"123" for the bombs;
"V" for the middle grabber;
"U" for the water canon.
Have Fun :)
This is a reliable cool spider (IT EVEN HAS SUNGLASSES ;D). Press num8 a short sec and then start walking normally.

hope you like it!
Arrow key controls, and use j to detach front wheels. VTOC ;)
so um
O - Up
Y - Front up
H - Back Up
Up Arrow - Forward
Right Arrow- Right
Left Arrow - Left
Down Arrow - Backwards
just press y and its going feel free to uppgrade it and reupload just give me some credit
English: this is a suspension for a monster truck take it and make a monster truck it last it nice if you give me then a link to a video or a picture could send of the finished monstertruck Email: [email protected] (sorry for bad english i am german)

Deutsch:das ist ein fahrwerk für ein monstertruck nehme es und mach ein monstertruck daraus es währe nett wenn ihr mir dann einen link zu einem video oder einem bild von dem fertigen monstertruck schiken könntet E-Mail:[email protected]
English: this is the Y-wing from star wars the clone wars, and other star wars parts.

it is only a prototybe so i does nothing as fly forward and be there. and i know it doesen`t look very good but i am working on a new version
that can realy fly and looks can modify this if you want to.mods eventuelly needed:Rocked mod and please make you settings to no graffity. (sorry for bad english i am german)

Deutsch: das ist die Y-Wing von Star Wars the clone wars und anderen teilen von star wars es ist nur ein prototyp also kann es nichts ausser geradeaus fliegen und einfach da sein aber ich arbeite schon an einer neuen Version die fliegen kann und besser aussieht.du kannst sie modifizieren wenn du willst.mods die gebraucht werden:racketen mod und bitte macht euer spiel auf 0 grafitation.

My E-mail: [email protected]
set on invinseble mode
distrois evything
left right up and down arrows. just a smaller vesion of my buggy.
this machines work in (zero gravity)
just do it
up down left right arrows. small flag included. look me up on you tube, I'm William paul , lookup William paul minecraft, it is what I manly do . i'll do a video on this shortly.
arow keys to control
press spase
feel free to try this out and if you can improve it :)

have fun
original creation by Ginityo :
I just had a hard time lifting the helicopter so i added stearing to the blades so it can fly heigher.

Controls for changes i made :
up - go up faster
down - go down faster
basic left right up and down arrows. it just bad at steering but it is good for everything else
press Y and hold O
Find it out yourself.
Have fun ;)

(invincible mode needed)

just push letter y then there you go
Use the directional keys to adjust the inclination of the machine, ''b'' and ''n'' for the yaw axis, ''1'' ''2'' ''3'' to bomb."Left shift" to go up and "control" to go down !
1n2 to transform
y for flametrowers
arrow keys to move
Ram everything on your way and squish them with your wheels and be
the boss of rampage!


1. 3 cannons
this race has a few weapons on it.
go up:up Arrow
go down:down Arrow
go left:left Arrow
go right:right Arrow
Automatic, best use on queens fodder. triggers when a knight tries to fight a saw...
? ???? ??????????.
arrow keys to move
c for cannon
y for flamethrower
v to drop bomb
h to extend arm
This is my first time uploading and even making a machine with suspension so I hope you like it

right and left arrow key down to go forward
back arrow key to go backwards
to turn hold right/left and backwards arrow key down
if you are stuck hold L and the machine will tighten the springs
The water cannons are pointing forwards, but somehow the car moves the other direction.
hold H then slighlty after hold L then press k when ever you feel

- is thing on the backside up and enter is down
Up is go forwards down is go backwards
left is go left right is go right

Helicopter that is full stable!

Controls: Takeoff button: down
Go down button: up
Kill your self : left and right

Het werkt super goed. Ne
It works good. EN
Steam engine

Press y to start the motor and its go ride!
Up U
Left Down Right H J K

U= Go Up
H+K= Turn left and right
J=Drop all bombs

Up/Left/Down/Right= tilt Flyer that whay
Aim and press L ;-)
Itsa car steering made by me and it is pretty much it, u can do whatever u want with it,build a car,jeep or something like that CONTROLS : arrow keys to drive
L to fire
H to raise
N to tighten winch, M to loosen. V to fire.
Has tank controls, uses the numpad: 7 and 4 for the left side, 8 and 5 for the right side
shuten fire ball with l and k aim with left end right and Y,H,N,B,V
move machine- left arrow and right arrow. fire missle left control... q and e is a surprise
arrows and t and g
t and g plus arrows
t and g plus arrows
arrow keys t and g
easy control

fly up=o
to go right and left directionnal arrow right and left
you can see the contrrols on the controls list

and this machine is very cool and for killing only

ground type

normal controls
This crazy contraption is made with wooden blocks and heaps of flame throwers.
if crowds of soldiers are coming near you wait until there are heaps in range then let it rip!!
it will destroy itself but will make a big fire exploding and scorching nearly everybody IN SIGHT!!!!

This Machine Is AWESOME!!!
a flying flipping quad copter. the controls- hold f to stay in the air. arrow keys to move around. to back flip is x. c is to front flip
c to shot the missile.
b and n to move the missile
up down left right arrow keys to control.
Have Fun
<div style="background-color:green;width:100px;height:100px"></div>
Controls down=t forward=8 backward=2 left=4 right=6 you can do the controls what you want
forward: up
back: down
left: left
Controls from the direction keys, simple as that!
Come along and take the path from the village(to open path click C) to the down station go on the cart. start climbing(to start the cable car hold T) and lock the station behind you(click on H) when you get to the upper station lock yourself in the station(click on K) and go down the stairs and pray for the holy statue :D
Has all the items in the 'weapons' category on it except the bomb. See controls in the game; run at 20%.
Has all 'weapon' category items on it except the bomb. See controls in game; run at 20%!
Simple lowriders s system up=num5 rear=num2 front=num8 left=num4 right=num6
Lawn Mower

Left, Down, Up, Right to steer
controls: left,right,both it can climb almost anything
controls: left, right, both, j to EXPLODE!!!!!!!
c left right
up down left right