Report Content

Valid reasons to report content:
  1. Extremely offensive concepts (i.e. Holocaust or rape jokes)
  2. Hate speech, slurs, or racism (do not report simple swear words)
  3. Images or videos that are more than "PG-13" or any image that is not mostly an in-game image of the machine
  4. The attached .bsg is not actually a .bsg file or does not match image/description
Please keep in mind:
  • People are allowed to upload modifications of someone else's machine as long as it is not identical.
  • There is no limitation on what counts as a modification, even a single piece difference is acceptable.
  • If someone modifies someone else's machine, it is not required to give them credit (but it's nice to do so).
  • If someone posts a machine that is not theirs but has not been posted on this website yet, do not report it. Leave a comment giving attribution to the original creator.
  • PLEASE DO NOT REPORT MACHINES FOR COPYING OTHERS - if someone did not give you attribution, leave a comment.